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  1. Yoshiman222

    MP3 Klub Koopa 1.0

    Inspired by Mario Party 6's Faire Square with a little extra balance and chaos, Klub Koopa is the ultimate gambling zone! Unfortunately the actual gambling areas are off-limits to non-koopas, but there are many ways to earn coins traveling around the board, such as getting a loan though the Bank...
  2. Yoshiman222

    Klub Koopa

    SuperZambezi submitted a new download: Klub Koopa - A custom board for Mario Party 3. Read more about this download...
  3. Yoshiman222

    MP3 Whomp Item Toll 1.0

    A ZIP of 3 events to create a toll event where you either have to pay coins, give an item, or show a rarer item. There is no need to edit ReverseFixup.c or Item Toll Behind.c as they are there to fix any reverse movement issues. In Item Toll.c, the items are defined at the very top of the file...
  4. Yoshiman222

    Whomp Item Toll

    SuperZambezi submitted a new download: Whomp Item Toll - A custom event for Mario Party 3. Read more about this download...
  5. Yoshiman222

    What's next for Mario Party?

    I still want superstars DLC even if they never plan on making it. It just makes sense. Nintendo does not.
  6. Yoshiman222

    Multi-Star Purchase

    SuperZambezi submitted a new download: Multi-Star Purchase - A custom board for Mario Party 3. Read more about this download...
  7. Yoshiman222

    MP3 Multi-Star Purchase 1.0

    An event that allows you players to purchase multiple stars for a set price. You can choose how many stars players can purchase at max, and how much each star costs. ~NOTE THIS DOES NOT REPLACE THE STAR SPACE, THE MAGIC LAMP WILL NOT TAKE YOU HERE NOR WILL IT MOVE WHEN ANY STARS ARE PURCHASED~...
  8. Yoshiman222

    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2024)

    The internet is still recovering from the shock of this event. It has caused quite the disturbance and thousands are out cold still. :P But in all seriousness, never thought this would ever happen in my life. They returned to the classic formula in probably the best way for everyone to know why...
  9. Yoshiman222

    Forum is back!

    Quite a long time to be away, huh? :P With life taking over, I know I won't be nearly as active as I once was but it will be interesting to catch up with everyone I have not spoken with in a long time. Great to see everyone coming back!
  10. Yoshiman222

    MP1 Animal Crossing 1.0

    Help the Village Grow using the Power of the Stars! This board seems quite basic at first, but all those junctions will really get you and your friends thinking as you try to take the best path to victory! Run around, explore, and find those stars! (Note that CPU's are stupid and will stick to...
  11. Yoshiman222

    Animal Crossing

    SuperZambezi submitted a new resource: Animal Crossing - A custom board for Mario Party. Read more about this resource...
  12. Yoshiman222

    Forum Closure Announcement

    Been a long time since I joined. Kinda sad to see it all end. Well, not technically, since we're all in the discord now or other places nearby. Just remembering all that went on here. Glad to see the entire site isn't dead thank to the (few) main site posts and PartyPlanner for custom boards...
  13. Yoshiman222

    Nintendo Switch

    Am I the only one here who think it looks kinda awkward? A little small for a portable screen as well? It seems like a cool and simple concept but the controllers seem weird to handle and such and how the console looks are works seems to be odd to me. Of course I was less into the WiiU when it...
  14. Yoshiman222

    Balloon Bash

    So a new trailer was showin for Japan that finally showed a small amount of gameplay. And based on the first board seen, it actually looks pretty good in my opinion. Sure, the style and everything honestly isn't THAT good since it's just a basic board and such, but considering that so far its...
  15. Yoshiman222

    Balloon Bash

    The description is weird. Yay Google Translate. =3
  16. Yoshiman222

    Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon

    I'm getting tired of alola forms honestly. They kinda feel a bit worthless by how they're setup. I mean, Raichu is given NO explanation as to why it has changed. Meowth looks really stupid. The only ones I even give a care for are Exeggutor (because if you look into it in more details it...
  17. Yoshiman222

    Online Mode

    Based on the fact that Mario Party 10 had Miiverse functionality and didn't say that I've got high hopes... for at least a minigame mode or a few to be playable online. Would be awesome even if it's not the old Mario Party formula we know and love.
  18. Yoshiman222

    Path of Conquest (Game 4) -Zymph VS NFan-

    I tried sorry.  :-\
  19. Yoshiman222

    Rhythm Heaven Megamix

    I immediately downloaded it and find it quite fun. A little easy tbh but still quite fun. :P
  20. Yoshiman222

    Pokemon Showdown Tournament (With a Prize!)

    can battles be saved so I can watch? I kinda wana see some VGC2016 battles from those who aren't so competitive. :P