what game are you looking forward to?

mario kart 8
super smash bros universe (wii u)
sonic and sega racing 2
epic mickey 2
luig's mansion 2
maro party 10 (if there will be one)
fire emblem 3d
pokemon black and white 2
super smash bros 3ds
little big planet racing (has been comfirmed)
paper mario 3ds
kirby 3d
kindom hearts 3d
animal crossing 3d
bomberman 3d

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Re: what game are you looking forward to?
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The game I am MOST looking forward to is Paper Mario. I love Paper Mario and sometimes even more than Mario Kart. You can play it for ages before you complete it, and when you do complete it, there's even more to do. I also like any Pokemon, Animal crossing and any other Mario related games.

I noticed you could choose more than one option, oops! Oh well...

iv'e never gotten a game from the paper mario series but im planning to get one on the 3ds
:D XD  skylanders!