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Re: Minigame Island/Coaster
« Reply #15 on: June 10, 2012 »
I...can not...get past...Mecha Marathon...for the life...of me!  I am not that good of a button masher so this game is horrible to me.  Luckily Honeycomb Havoc is before it and I haven't lost it yet but it takes FOREVER to get to Mecha Marathon.  I now win skateboard scamper most of the time because I found an easy thing to do!  When you have the down-n-up part, skate down but jump to the top of the incline part.  The bottom will speed you up and the jump up the incline does not make you lose speed!  Lot's of easy victories.  That is off track but any who...can anyone give me some tips to beat Mecha Marathon?  I am DYING!!!  Keep in mind that I have this for VC so I am using a gamecube controller.

Well now I am the best at button mashing lol
I can do mecha marathon in a breeze XD
MP1 minigames were indeed expensive
MP2 MG Rollercoaster Mecha Marathon was the hardest sometimes I get to like 35 yards and coms still go further
Do you use a coin?

I use one and I never fail.
(My older brother can do it without a coin, though... :what: )

I use my right hand index and middle finger
I've done that as well and beaten it, but then I'll lose on like the Hot Rope Jump.