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Dec 30 - Chatbox Chase
« on: December 31, 2011 »
Dec 30 - Chatbox Chase

Objective: Head into the chat room (use the link under Quick Links to get there). Using the first clue below (also viewable in Chat), find your way through a certain number of chat channels and reach the goal. There are two divisions: Junior Class (15 channels) and Senior Class (30 channels). Be sure to keep a list of the channels you enter since you might need to refer back to them...

Note: please don't try to post in other channels. Besides potentially interrupting others, it might cause chat messages to be pushed off the channel, and that's bad. :p

Refer to this image to learn how to change channels. Note that you don't need to have any member permissions to access the channels (there are some channels that aren't visible to certain membergroups, if you didn't know already).

Here is the first clue:

"No, curse this! I wanted to use my Star, not this useless ink Squid!"

Rewards: 1st Place Senior Class - G20. 2nd Place Senior Class - G15. Third and Below Senior Class, All Junior Class - G10
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Re: Dec 30 - Chatbox Chase
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Has anyone  done this?
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