Author Topic: Wii Remote Plus Hits Japan in November  (Read 547 times)

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Wii Remote Plus Hits Japan in November
« on: October 10, 2011 »
It looks like the Wii Remote Plus controller will be featuring heavily in Nintendo's upcoming Wii plans. Nintendo shared today a final Japanese release date of November 11 for the device and also confirmed that all future Wii systems will include it.

Wii Remote Plus combines the Wiimote with Wii Motion Plus, the attachment that's used to give added control precision to such games as Wii Sports Resort (and next year's Zelda Skyward Sword). The merged device is the same size as the standard Wiimote. You can tell it from a standard Wiimote because Wii Remote Plus has the words "Wii Motion Plus Inside" written on it.

The size isn't all the two will be sharing. Wii Remote Plus will be priced 3,800 yen in Japan. This is the same price as the current Wiimote.

Japan will be able to chose from white, black, blue, pink and red color variations. To go with the new red option, Nintendo will be releasing a red nunchuck, also on November 11.

In addition to being available separately, Nintendo will offer Wii Remote Plus in bundles. All Wii systems starting November 11 will include Wii Remote Plus. Also on November 11, Nintendo will combine a blue Wii Remote Plus with Wii Sports Resort. This will be priced 5,800 yen, a bit higher than the current 4,800 yen bundle that combines the game with a Wii Motion Plus attachment.

These plans are all just for Japan. We'll let you know what Nintendo has planned for America once it makes similar announcements.

[/size]It's basically the Wii Plus built into the controller instead of having an attachment and it's going for the same price as the normal Wii remote basically extincting the original Wii remote. Thoughts?
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