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Kinect Fun Labs
« on: June 12, 2011 »

This is basically a game library that holds smaller mini-games. It's alright so far, it comes with Avatar Me! and Kinect Googly Eyes, with Bobble Head and Build a Buddy available for download, along with more coming along for download such as Kinect Sparkler and Avatar Kinect. By the way all of this is free too :) . It's fun the first time such as in Avatar Me! you take pictures of yourself and make an avatar of you. It works pretty well actually and copied the lettering on my clothing pretty well. Only bad thing about it is that it thought I was black, but I'm white? (Not to be racist). After your first one it's boring and the only reason you would keep doing it is for the really tedious achievements it has. Bobble Head is basically the same thing except it makes you into a bobble head, boring again. I've yet to try Kinect Googly Eyes and build a buddy but I don't expect those to be any better. So really the only good thing about this so far is it's free and each "gadget", which is what they're called, have 50G each, so some free gamerscore here if your willing to spend an hour making an avatar out of yourself. :P