Author Topic: What Kind of Videos do you usually watch on Youtube/other video sites?  (Read 7585 times)

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Mostly LPs in Music from my favorite games cuz im a huge fan of both Star Wars & Mario with mario coming first currenty watching Super Paper Mario LP.
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I usually tend to watch only critic videos (AVGN, Nostalgia Critic, Ashens)

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I watch playthroughs of games, Smosh and Smosh Games and episodes of TV shows that have been put up
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I like watching shootouts in hockey.

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I enjoy watching fail compilations and game music. Occasionally, I watch trailers and playthroughs.

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I love watching videos about how to generate free energy with fanta cans LOL Also like trailers of upcoming games and movies.

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LPs of new and old games

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I put on stand-up shows when I play games or I watch a few animators I like.
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Most video content I watch is from either Revision3 Games, Polygon or Giant Bomb. They usually do the most interesting stuff that I like.
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