Author Topic: What Kind of Videos do you usually watch on Youtube/other video sites?  (Read 7594 times)

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I usually watch sports clips, mainly racing, football, and basketball clips. All my recommended videos are from those. Not that often but here and there I might watch a video game video. Sometimes I'll listen to a song on YouTube to see if I like it and if I should put it in my iTunes and sometimes watch music videos too. Beyond that I think that's it.
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- Some made up videos like the one I'm trying to watch (F*ck you youtube) about Link
- Elevators
- Listen to songs alot
- Some fan videos about a game
- Walkthroughs on games
Many other things

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I only watch video game videos. No other videos I watch.

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I also watch things that have to do with Calculus because U-substitution is f*cking ridiculously hard

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Sport, specifically motorsport, and music.

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I only watch video game videos.
This and other random stuff that I don't care about.

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Mainly music videos and music... sometimes video games and rarely any other type of vid.

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Usually Music, Video Game Music, Video Games, And Let's Plays
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Best video genres!

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Usually Lets Plays, Machinma and Youtube Poop.
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Wow... lots, mainly comedy. I'm currently subscribed to 72 channels.

I mainly watch Smosh, Annoying Orange, BobJenz, Shane Dawson and many more...

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TV shows, LPs/video games, video game music and on occasion random things :P

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Music such as opera or instrumental, film clips, and stuff most of you don't want to see.
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Bump ~

Primarily VG music, followed by anime serials and random gameplay vids.
Parodies are also cool

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Gameplay Videos, Let's Plays, Walkthroughs.