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Facts About Bust a Groove
« on: February 05, 2011 »
Hey guys, me and Socc3r have worked together, and in this very topic, is for facts about THE Bust a Groove series! Here's some we worked on so far, please bare with us.

UPDATE: Since you guys can't control yourselves, this is locked. If you find any interesting facts about Bust a Groove like on Wiki or something, please post it here. We want to see them. :)

1. Bust A Groove made up 1/3 of the games Metro Graphics developed.

2. Gas-O was put under controversy due to child labor laws in other countries.

3. Columbo was originally going to be an NPC due to how small he was, and was going to be Shorty's Jammer.

4. Kitty-N is arguably considered as the main character of the game, due to her theme being the main theme of the game.

5. Bust a Groove was going to keep it's Bust a Move name from Japan, but there was already a game that had that name, so they had to put "Groove" instead of "Move".

6. Bust a Groove 2 was not released in Europe for unkown reasons.

7. DS2001 was not released in USA for some possibly known reasons.

8. When picking Columbo and versing Shorty, Shorty will always be the opposite color (due to there would be 2 same colored Columbos)

9. All the endings from BAG2 was taken out due to taboo topics, language, etc.

10. DS2001 re-cycles some old moves from BAG2 and BAG.

11. In DS2001, you can't change your costumes, unlike the previous BAGs.

12. When performing a Trio Combo on DS2001, it's misspelled as "Torio Combo" on the game.

13. School Mates were the main team/characters in DS2001, this is interesting considering there's also a boy team that resembles Heat, but there not the main characters.

14. Hiro has a cigarette in his mouth on the Japanese versions of Bust a Groove, but this is taken out in the USA versions.

15. On Meat's Profile on DS2001, it mentions "DOG" and "SUSHI", the only time they have caps is when they're referring to names of people. Here, you can obviously tell there referring to "Burger Dog" and "Sushi Boy" respectively.

16. DS2001 has a lot of similar characters, by that, I mean the character slightly resembles a past character. Will show soon.

17. DS2001 has a completely different playing style than the other Bust a Grooves.
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