Author Topic: GoldenEye for Wii and DS leaked  (Read 490 times)

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GoldenEye for Wii and DS leaked
« on: June 05, 2010, 09:00:40 PM »
According to Destructoid...

For many, GoldenEye was the turning point for first-person shooters on consoles, and in many ways defined the Nintendo 64-era of gaming. Since then, publishers and developers haven't been able to capture the same magic of Rare's original. So what do you do? You remake it, apparently.

According to a leaked survey, Activision will be releasing a new version of GoldenEye for the Wii, "developed from the ground up" to take "advantage of the latest technology to deliver the same intense experience with today's graphics and physics." The title will supposedly "modernize" the classic story, placing Daniel Craig in the role of Bond. The survey suggests that many (if not all) of the originals areas from the N64 title will return, along with its weapons and four-player split-screen. The game will reportedly support 8-player online matches, as well.

A potential golden Wii Remote shell, as well as a golden Classic controller, were also hinted at in the survey.

Following this survey leak, Eurogamer has received word that Eurocom (responsible for the N64 Bond outing, The World is Not Enough) will be developing the title, along with n-Space. GoldenEye for Wii, along with an Nintendo DS title of the same name, is said to be revealed at this year's E3.

Source :

Looks like the very popular N64 game is coming to Wii and DS. I played some of it on the N64 but not enough to know if this is a good or bad thing. I might play it now on Wii as long as it gets good reviews. Looking forward to seeing more info at E3.

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Re: GoldenEye for Wii and DS leaked
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2010, 06:21:44 AM »
I got some other pics over here,1390.0.html

they have like a golden classic controller that looks badass.

Im guessing this is gonna use the COD engine like the last bond game
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