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« on: February 11, 2010 »
I doubt many people here play Disgaea, so I predict 0 replies.  Hopefully, in case I'm wrong, here's a quote from me of what's up from another place.

A lot of times I have to refer back to information when playing games like Disgaea 3, such as weapon specials, evilities, and those special innocents, etc.

It bothers me how I can't find places that look pretty and organized. Not Disgaea Wiki, not Akurasu, not Gamefaqs. They have info, but it's not organized how I'd hope. Instead of screwing those around, I've decided to just build my own free wiki.

I thought I'd post here in case anyone is willing to help me out with it, seeing as this is a Disgaea forum.

I'm really doing this for myself, but if it turns out to be something good, I guess we could be affiliates or whatever of some sort.

If you want to help me out on my quest of creating a Wiki, solely for Disgaea 3, feel free to let me know by email.
It would help if you have some sort of instant messenger program.

I might post the wiki up, here, once it looks good enough.
After all, this is a Disgaea forum. =P

Instead of email, you guys could just PM me.  =P

If no one here has any idea of what I'm talking about, just let this topic die.  =P