Author Topic: Doing the impossible (Mario Party 3)  (Read 1913 times)

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Doing the impossible (Mario Party 3)
« on: January 17, 2010, 12:56:17 PM »
Has anyone ever collected 99 stars in one match?

I have. Basically, what happened was my brother and I were doing Party Mode vs. 3 Super Hard characters on Waluigi's Island. We ended up getting 7 Wacky Watches which extended the play for another 35 turns, making a total of 85 turns (thankfully everyone was smart enough to use them at the proper time). By staying on the island a majority of the time, I was able to let the characters buy stars while I waited to land on Chance spaces. By turn 85 (or 50, according to the game) I amazingly had 97 stars total (hidden blocks, which appeared surprisingly often, supplied roughly 1/3 of them). I won 2 of the 3 bonus stars which made my total 99 :P

I want to attempt it again... I wanna see what the Millennium Star says when you don't have enough room to buy anymore stars.

You might be questioning if it's even possible without ridiculous luck (or redoing turns until you get hidden blocks with stars, which is pretty smart...). I sure hope so! My attempted match is going to have the following settings:

-50 turns
-Spiny Desert (I've done research and feel it's the easiest to get the most stars in)
-All 3 computer players on "Super Hard" (the smarter they are, the easier it is to get them to cater my needs)
-Mini-games set on "All" (no particular reason, though I guess it's good that I won't be playing the same mini-games repeatedly)
-9 star handicap for everyone! With the help of Chance spaces (which I'll tactically land on) that's essentially 36 free stars for me)

Q. How can you ensure the turn plays as you want it?
A. I have to go first. If something doesn't go my way, I'll restart the turn.

Q. How is getting 99 stars even possible?
A. With the help of hidden blocks, stealing, landing on the Koopa Bank and winning tons of coins via Game Guy, of course! How can I ensure that's gonna happen though? Maybe I'll redo certain turns until I get a hidden block with a Wacky Watch/star in it!

I can't promise it'll go like that, but I have a few more ideas that will ensure this a success:

    * Baby Bowser will not sell opponents anything. Toad will either sell them a Magic Lamp, a Golden Mushroom or an Item Bag (depending on the situation).
    * If someone deliberately goes out of the way to buy the star but accidentally reaches the mirage, I'm redoing the turn and choosing the opposite way on purpose.
    * If the opponent's going to land on an Item space, I'll quickly pause it and switch places with them to make sure they get the proper item.
    * If an opponent's visiting Boo, I'll stop them. We can't afford to have anyone get anything stolen (unless it's stars by me).

Anyone have any tips at all? I want to ensure this a success without depending on Wacky Watches. :P

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Re: Doing the impossible (Mario Party 3)
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2010, 12:59:57 PM »
Pretty interesting. It's all about luck there and you were very lucky.

While I'm probably going to dump the username I don't want to get rid of the banner though...

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Re: Doing the impossible (Mario Party 3)
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2010, 04:03:50 PM »
Oh yeah, this topic. I wish you luck, Arich.

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Re: Doing the impossible (Mario Party 3)
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2010, 08:26:34 PM »
WOW! That's TOTALLY lucky!  :o
I bet u felt awesome that day :P

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Re: Doing the impossible (Mario Party 3)
« Reply #4 on: January 21, 2010, 03:35:38 PM »
Wow that is very lucky!Looks like Mario Party 3 really likes you! The only time I was lucky in Mario Party 3 was when I had 999 coins. :P