Author Topic: What's the main thing you value games by (besides gameplay?)  (Read 996 times)

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IE, what secondary attribute do you use to attribute greatness to a game? Price, writing quality, playtime, etc. Maybe a limited question, but we'll see.

Personally I'm all about hour counts. Whenever I get a good game the first thing I usually cite is how many hours I've put into it so far. My favorite PC games have been RPGs like New Vegas / Skyrim / Borderlands / Mass Effect where you can easily rack up hundreds of hours.
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Each game is judged by me in 3 Things:


Examples of games where every of these fit are the Little Big Planet series and the Mario & Luigi series :P

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Music and Whether it's fun or not.

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-Dialogue and story (depends on the series)
-Replay value (Again, depends by series / type of game)
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typically it's how well the story is written, a lot of games can tell a great story regardless of genre.

ie a lot of people don't give a s*** about the storyline in the gta series but i thought gta iv's story was very well done. gta v's story was okay, but
it felt like a cop out at the end.