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Okay so I managed to find some of my old fiction from when I was ten. It's about some villain who was heavily based on metal sonic from Mario Ball Z, IIRC. I used him in a few fics, including some stupid Mario one.

Undeniable proof that not all terrible fiction is trollfiction. Sometimes they're really just that bad. ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

---Monster Chronicles---
-------Chapter 1--------

June 4, 9:00 AM, 2020
Detective ClapShon, the best Detective in New York woke up.
He looked at the time, and exclaimed, "Oh, damn. If I'm any later, I ain't getting that promotion!"
He walked out of his House, a regular house, with green paint, and a dark green roof.
He looked around. The whole city was in ruin. The whole street was filled with cops and Cars, who were shooting at a lone man.
One cop said, "John ClapShon, we have a major problem. This guy---i know you won't believe this--- is destroying the whole city! He fires beams from his hands,and we cant stop him!"
The Mysterious "man" stood on top of the ashes of a building. He screamed, "Fear me, fools! I am Bloodar, The To-be dominater of this here world!"
He started firing Plasma Beams out of his hands. The Police kept firing.
After 5 minutes of solid gunfire, the police chief screamed, "Our weapons are not enough?!"
One of the Policemen exclaimed, "Of course. I don't see that thing dieing, do you?"
The So-Called Bloodar shouted some strange word, and shot a beam of Nails at one of the police cars, the police car exploded,causing 2 police officers to go flying back.
The Chief Screamed, "Fall Back, men! Fall Back!"
The Police officers started running away, and soon, John was running with them.
He Ran into his old Friend, Natalie bloodsick.
She had been a demolitions expert in World War 3, Which happened back in 2013. In that battle, one of her bombs malfunctioned, and landed near her.
The Bomb's explosion damaged her head, causing her to become Obsessed with bombing things.
The World was still recovering from World War that war, the whole war was effected.
In Russia, only a mere 9,000 people were africa, 75% of the forests were burnt down...In Spain, the country that started the war, a Mutant Falcon's radiation mutated 88% of everything that lived there. The Mutant falcon was an experimental bomb at the time, with mass radiation in it.
And England became a City of Ashes...only 5.5% of the population managed to escape england before it was destroyed.
France became a graveyard. It was contaminated with radiation, the whole place was dead. Not even a cockroach could survive in France... The Radiation of France was spreading the radiation over the world, and it needed to be stopped.
Elephants, Giraffes, Racoons, and Sperm Whales. They all became Extinct. Some kids don't even know they existed...
She said, "Why's everyone running?"
He said, "It's a freaking warzone out there! The cops versus a lone man, who's freaking unstoppable!"
She Said, "I say we use bombs."
He said, "It's too dangerous!"
She said, "Awwwwww...But I like explosions!"
He said, "Nevermind, just GO!"
Bloodar approached them, firing lazers out of his hand.
Then, the earth shook, and even Bloodar got startled.
The Earth Shook. It shook again. And again, until finally, a Giant Creature was glaring at Bloodar.
It looked like a looked like a mix of man and animal...It's eyes looked like a cat's eyes...It had a bird's beak... it's fur was green, and it stood like a's feet were those of a monster...and it had claws with blood dropping down from them. It was 50 feet taller than an average apartment...and with one strike, it could shatter a building.
Natalie said, "Do I get to use bombs yet?"
John replied, "No---"
Natalie screamed, "WHAAAAAAAT?!"
John replied, "...Bombs wouldn't even scratch that thing. We need nukes."
Natalie said, "Nukes? You mean like the ones they used to blow up the moon with a single shot?"
John Replied, "ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!?! Excuuuuuuuse me, but I do NOT want to end up Extinct."
Natalie said, "But I like explosions!"
The Giant creature ripped an apartment off of it's roots, and threw it at Bloodar.
Bloodar responded with a lazer beam, which completely incinerated the building, but the beam didn't effect the creature.
The Giant Creature simply looked at it's slight burn, and hurled it's spit at bloodar.
The Spit was the size of 4 people. Bloodar burnt it away with fire, and he muttered, "That's gonna leave a mark..."
He sent a Gigantic lazer beam at the creature. The Lazer beam used so much of his strenthg, that he fainted. He fell Down towards the earth.
The Creature was bleeding from it's mark...out of rage, it pounded the ground. The Whole City Shaked.
It took a piece of a nearby building, and hurled it at John and Natalie.
Natalie reacted quick, and blasted the rock wih a rocket.
Natalie simply said, "I always knew this Missile Launcher would come in handy..."
John said, "How many weapons do you have?!"
Natalie, "If you count the ones i'm currently carrying...7. If you count the ones in my  underground's 153"
John said, "What do you use them for?"
Natalie said, "You know...Burning weeds...shooting ducks... eliminating bugs...Dealing with kids..."
John replied, "I'm suprised you haven't been locked away yet."
They ran towards the nearest police Rocket Pod,the newest form of travel, a rocket with room for 5-15 people, it was just about to take off.
The guards on it said, "You, Chief Slapstick, and You, Natalie, get on board, before that thing targets us! We need to get the civillians out of here!"
The emergency Alarm sounded, it rang all across the city. The citizends immedietly knew what they had to do. They rushed towards the Rocket Pods.
The Officer in-command of the Evacuation Zone said, "Chief Kaine to NY police. Chief Kaine to NY police. We need more Rocket Ponds ASAP."
He ran around, making sure everything was in order.
The Officers were screaming to the civvilians, saying things like, "Move! Move! Move!" and "Move it! That thing might spot us next!" and "Hurry up, if we don't get away asap, that thing's going to target us!"
After a couple minutes, the creature started noticing the civillians and the Rocket Pods.
A Cop screamed at the civillians and said, "Everybody! Take the subway Rocket Trains! We can't take anymore civillians!"
The civillians started to scream and panic, and headed for the subway.
All the Rocket Pods had left.
The Giant Creature threw an apartment at the remaining cops...the result was fateful.
The Civillians panicked even more, and ran into the subway.
On one of the Rocket Pods, the one with ClapShon and Bloodsick in it, the cops and the detective were discussing...
One of the cops said, "I say it's a creature from france."
Another one replied, "Yeah...that radiation is nasty...or it could be spain..."
ClapShon said, "I doubt it's Spain. France is a radiated forest."
The Scientist in the Pod said, "We launched several operations to stop the radiation... they failed. The creatures are too strong... We built a barrier around it however. A wall of lazers... We kept it top secret. We needed to contain the creatures...if that monster is from france...Then maybe the wall was already breached... We are working on a bomb tha will counteract the radiation."
Clapshon said, "And It better be fast...because if there are more creatures like that...we could face extinction."
---Monster Chronicles---
-------Chapter 2--------

Detective ClapShon and Natalie hopped out of the Rocket Pod.
They were on an Island. It Was The Big Island... It was still recovering from World War 3. Part of the Island was like a desert.
One of ClapShon's friends, Jack Samuran came over, and said, "Hey...Clapshon? Never expected I'd find you here. I guess you already know about "Guerillan", huh? That's what we called that big creature."
Natalie said, "This is the military base, isn't it?"
Jack replied, "Yes. It is. I am developing a type of sword. A Lazer Sword. Able to cut through anything. It's 500X Type Lazer. No Weapon has ever been able to hold that much,in fact, no weapon has been able to hold even 100x! But this here weapon...well, if used correctly, it could kill Guerillan."
All of the Sudden, Bloodar came out of nowhere. He screamed, "Hey! Catch! He shot a lazer bolt straight at Jack. Jack dodged, and took out a UltraBlaster. He shot Bloodar. Bloodar screamed, "WHAT?! Injured?! By a gun?!"
Bloodar is one of the only 3 mages in the world. When technology became more advanced, the magicks were forgotten.
BLoodar is thought to have come to the future when he entered Dracula's Castle. He was a mage. He went into dracula's castle Just as it dissapeared. Half of him was stuck inside, half was outside, however, a sideeffect caused him to time travel to the future. This caused him to become insane. After monitoring the technology, he started attacking. The other part of him,however, was blown to pieces.
Bloodar flew towards Jack, and Screamed, "Ready for Ketchup Land? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
Jack picks up his Ultrablaster and points at Bloodar. Jack Started to fire on 90x FirePower mode. He shot just as Bloodar grabbed the gun. Bloodar went flying backwards, and said, "Ugh...I'm...bleeding?! Gaaaaaaah!"
A pale figure appeared out of the lake. It was Dracula. Dracula said, "'s you. The Very first "hero" Bound to slay Dracula.years ago I thought you as a simple mage.
Now Look at yourself. An immortal Fool. You say you are the ultimate life being.Wll guess what. YOU--" Dracula punched Bloodar, sending bloodar flying. Dracula Said, "WERE--" He kicked Bloodar, and said, "WROOOOOOONG!!!!!" And Scratched Bloodar with his hand, which was currently shaped like a claw.
He Flew above the people and said, "Ah...Dinner, served warm. AHAHAHAHA!" He Flew towards Jack Samuran, and grabbed him.
Natalie shouted, "I'll get the Automatic Rocket Launcher loaded!"
John shouted, "Automatic---"
Natalie took out a rocket launcher, and put a cilp of rockets in. They fired at machine gun speed, each one hitting Dracula. After a whole clip was done, Dracula was burnt, his cloth were a wreck. He Looked at Natalie, only to see another clip being loaded.
Once again the rockets fired. After that clip was done, Dracula fell to the lake, and he dissapeared. Jack swam back to shore and said, "I--guess it's true. When we studied ancient textbooks, They specificaly mentioned the Castle of Dracula right here, in this sea."
ClapShon said, "So? You want us to hunt down the Lord of Darkness?!"
Jack Responded, "Well... maybe, but first we need to deal wit---"
Jack got a Phone Call from an Army General.
"Listen, Samuran. The Creature is too powerful. It's Wrecking the whole city."
Jack Replied, "Really? So What do you want us to do?"
"Samuran. The Lazer Sword. It Must be used. We need all the weapons we can get."
Jack Replied, "Sure...but, we've just been attacked by Dra---"
"Dracula?! Ha! He's a Myth!"
Jack Replied, "Well, this "Myth" almost killed me. Anyway we HAVE to kill looks like we may have disturbed him."
"Well we can't w---"
Jack Replied, "LOOK! If we don't destroy him, he could de---"
"ENOUGH! You will NOT stall me any longer. Get to New York ASAP. And take care of that beast. Army General Atman O--AAAAAAGGH! It's here! AAAAGH!"
Jack replied,"What the heck is going on there?!"
"Quick...come quick! It's G---"
All Jack could hear now was a "Bzzzzz" noise.
Clapshon said, "Let's Go, We need to kill Guerilla!"
Jack, Clapshoe, and Natalie boarded a Rockt Pod..
After an hour of travel, they were in New York.
The City was in ruins.
Gurilla was beating up the Army HQ in New York.
Natalie took out her Automatic Rocket Launcher, put a Clip of Lazer 150x Rockets.
Jack Said, "Are those 150x rockets?! How did yo--"
Natalie said, "I modify my weapons."
She started firing, and set the rocket mode to Annihliate. The Rocket had 3 modes: Stun, Wound, Kill, Bomb, and Annihliate.
The Rockets fired at Machinegun speed.
Each one hit Guerilla. Guerilla's skin melted. It started Bleeding. Badly.
Natalie screamed, "Not Good enough?! Well Eat my 250x UltraRockets!"
She Put in a new Clip.
She Fired. Again,all shots hit.
Guerilla's arm was fried. The Skin was all red and covered in blood.
Guerilla screemed, and Hurled a Chunk of Building into the Rocket pod.
It hit. The Rocket Pod hurled out of control, and crashed into the ashes of the city.
Jack, Natalie, and ClapShoe came out of the Ashes.
Jack Said, "I have this Lazer Sword 500x. One of you is going to have to strike Guerilla in the heart with it. Who's willing to do it?
ClapShon replied, "...I will."
Jack said, "I'm sure you are aware of the risks, right?"
ClapShon stayed silent, grabbed the Sword, and ran after Guerilla.
ClapShon took a Rocket Launcher lying on the ground.
He Stuck the Lazer Sword 500x into it, and fired the sword.
It struck Guerilla's Heart. The Lazer Sword stuck right in Guerilla.
Guerilla attempted to take it out...but failed. It accidently pushed the sword deeper into it's heart, killing it.
It Fell To the Ground, causing an Earthquake. Detective ClapShon Stood there.
Jack and Natalie ran up to him.
ClapShon's hair started to turn grey. He said, "I need... to be alone."
He ran off into a cave.
Natalie stared at Clapshon.
She noticed that she had gained Vampire senses...
She ran after Clapshon.
---Monster Chronicles---
---Chapter 3: Memories--

July 6 2010
Age: 20 10/356
Name: Jack Karain
Jack Karain, a Young Man who Programmed Video games, Was sitting in his chair. It was 6:00 AM.
Jack Karain Rubbed his eyes and Looked at the clock, "Oh man, another All-Nighter." He Yawned, and Saved the code for his Video Game.
He went to bed and woke up at 10:00 AM, Due to Someone knocking on the door.
It was his neighbor, Cindy Sup.
Cindy Sup
Age: 19 2/3
She Said, "Hey... G'Morning Jack! Stay up all night again?"
He Said, "Yeah... Ugh... I finished levels 6-10 of my Dead'N'Deadly FPS game."
She Said, "Cool, I'm sure You know what I want riiiight?"
He Said, "Yeah, too beta-test my game right?"
She winked an said, "You got it!"
She Said, "So...working on any other projects?"
He replied, "Yeah... It's called MegaBomb Champions. It's a Fighting game. And it's 3D too."
She Said, "Oh! What about your Previous 2 games; Nucklear Fighter and Extreme Wheels DX?"
He Replied, "Oh, they're selling well."
Suddenly, they saw a Murder in front of their window, the murderer, a Man that looked like he was in his 30s saw them look at him, and fired his machinegun at them.
Controlled by instinct, Cindy and Jack Sliced at the bullets, the bullets fell down in halves.
The Murderer looked at them and ran.
Cindy Said, "What the heck was that?!"
Jack Replied, "I have no Idea....wait...your eyes are red, and your hair is white!"
Cindy Replied, "Same with you!"
Jack said, "I'm going to search this on the web."
...a few hours later...
Cindy said, "You found anything out?"
Jack Said, "Only some really really old legends. They said something about this happening to the Incarnations of Dracula. They said that it would happen when the people are in danger..."
Cindy said, "...It must be a coincidence!"
Jack Said, "I wish it was...they also said that the Previous Draculas will attempt to kill the new ones, so that they can keep there powers, instead of losing them to the new Dracula."
Cindy Said, "I was told...that the only way to fool a Dracula, is too Change your name, your appearence, and somehow get rid of the dracula powers."
Jack screamed, "LOOK OUT!!"
Dracula burst through the glass. "Well What do we have here? 2 Draculas? This is too funny---"
Cindy sliced at Dracula, and so did Jack.
Dracula said, "I would have thought that because there were 2 of you, your powers were divided...i guess not."
He shot a Beam of Electricity at Cindy.
Cindy Dodged, and transformed her hand into a claw, and sliced at Dracula.
Jack said, "This is going to be tough..."
Cindy punched Dracula, sending him flying back.
Cindy and Jack Ran outside, only to see some cops outside.
A Cop Said, "Hey look, it must be the new Draculas! Niiice...Blast'em to pieces, boys!"
Cindy shot smoke out of her mouth, and Jack and Cindy flew onto the top of an Apartment.
Cindy Said, "New York sure is nice... but..."
Jack said, "We have to get rid of these powers... if we don't..."
Cindy said, "The only way to do that, is to use a magic, we Must shout, "Oma'Laka!" at 12:00 P.M.1:00 A.M.
A Month Later
Cindy said, "Now that we've gotten ridden of those terrible powers...what next?"
Jack Said, "Well, the Cops probably know who we are...We'll have to change our Jobs, Our Names, and out Appearences..."
Cindy Said, "...I guess that means that we won't be finishing those video games, huh?"
Jack Said, "Yes... I regret it, but our lives are at Stake. I'm sticking with John ClapShon, Detective."
Cindy Said, "..I've always had a thing for bombs..."
Jack said, "Well... guess we should start, huh?"
---Monster Chronicles---
---Chapter 4: Draculas--

Natalie ran into the cave with clapshon.
Slapshon said, "Natalie...I thought rid of the powers!"
Natalie replies, "We must have just...temporarily hidden them."
Slapshon said, "We can't hide our powers again!"
Natalie said, "If--If we show the world our true Identities---"
slapshon said, "We'd be huntedl ike criminals!"
Natalie said, "...It doesn't matter...None of it."
Slapshon said, "What?!"
Natalie said, "Why would they go through the trouble...of huntign heroes?!"
Slapshon said, "I say, BRING IT ON!"
Natalie said, "If they want to mess with us, let them try. They will fall."
Slapshon said, "Why don't we start a team...for people like us? With powers?"
Natalie said, "Meh... OK."
Slapshon said, "Let's go!"
They took eachothers hands, and flew outside. Every single soldier started firing.
Natalie clawed her way through troops, while John used powerful magic Blasts.
Jack screamed, "Slapshon...Is that-is that you?!?!?!?!?!"
Slapshon said, "IF i was slapshon, you think I'd be a Vampire?"
Jack Screamed, "Slapshon, What are you doign?"
Slapshon shot another fireball at a bunch of troops and said, "Just taking out the trash."
Jack said, "These are friendly soldiers!"
Slapshon said, "They attacked first. Not us."
Jack said, "Wh-What are you---"
A sudden blast of lazer destroyed all the troops in the area.
It was bloodar.
Bloodar said, "I see...Slapshon, you finally see why I have to fight these fools. I have been rejected by humanity. I tried to be a hero. But NO! Humanity just haaaaaates differences!"
Slapshon said, "How do I know I can trus---"
Bloodar Screamed, "LOOK! It would be an advantage for both of us if we teamed up. Let's do it!"
Jack Screamed, "Sorry Slapshon. I can't let you go on."
Jack takes out a Lazer-B Minigun and starts firing at Bloodar, Natalie and Slapshon.
slapshon said, "Natalie, you really are obsessed with bombs?"
Natalie replied, "It was just part ofm y disguise plan, now move!"
Bloodar sighed and transformed his hands into Cosmic Boomlers (the newest weapon, able to suck the life force out of a target."
Bloodar fired and smiled.
And Jack's Last words were, ""
Slapshon said, "When did i betray you?" He sighed and walked away.
Natalie and Bloodar followed him.
---Monster Chronicles---
--Chapter 5: Insanity---

The gang flew to hawaii.
They saw a large explosion in honolulu and flew over there. there he was. A Guy who looked like a Zombie. He was Fighting police officers.
The Guy said, "Hey, Mind lending a hand?"
Slapshon said, "Mmm... let's go team!"
In a couple minutes, all the cops were knocked out.
The guy said, "So what? You got a team?"
Slapshon said, "Yeah. We call it The Lone Warriors"
The guy said, "I'm Insani Wackz. Let me tell you about my story"
Insani explained that he was a Cross of Human/Zombie called Humbie. He came to earth to escape his planet, which was destroyed by Aliens. He's theolast oen of his kind. His race hasmany powers, such as Invincibility, Soul Stealing, Enchanced Strenthg, agility, flight, able to transform his body, and many other powers. He was also just 18.
Slapshon said, "Oh...So? You have a team name?"
Insani said, "Call me Insani. 'the lone maniac' "
Slapshon, "They call me BloodFighter"
Natalie said, "I am called Annihlation"
Bloodar said, "Call me Bloodar."
Insani, "Now that we---PIZZA!"
Slapshon said, "Pizza---?"
Insani ran maniacly into the Local Pizzahut, stealing 2 pizzas and taking them to the gang.
Slapshon said, "Thanks...i guess..."
Natalie said, "err..."
Insani said as he gobbled up pizza, "What? You don't like pizza?!"
Bloodar said, "I haven't had it in a year..."
Bloodar took a piece and ate it, then spit it out n disgust.
Bloodar Screamed, "THAT WAS DISGUSTING!!! No wonder I didn't have pizza for a year!"
Insani said, "Some people just don't like proper food i guess."
Natalie said, "Mmm..this is really good!"
Slapshon said, "Your right! Anyway, bloodar, what's your real name anyway?"
Bloodar sighed and said, "I am... General Stark Jokuz Hollow, famous general in the World War 3."
Slapshon spit out his pizza (it landed on insani's face) and said, "GENERAL STARK JOKUZ HOLLOW?! Here?!"
Natalie spit out her pizza (it also landed on insani's face and said, "STARK JO---"
Bloodar spit out his pizza (it also landedo n insani's face and was just about to say something.
Blooda said, "Anyway, I was attacked by a radioactive transformed me."
The pizza on insani's face all flew onto Natalie, and before they knew it, they were in a pizza throwing war (they kept stealing pizzas from pizzahut).
And so started a new era of Monsters.
---Monster Chronicles---
--The Ultimate Betrayal-

The Lone Warriors walked through the Island of Honolulu, through the jungles.
Bloodar screamed, "I know of a Military base here."
They walked for an hour, and finally, saw a large military base.
They walked in, and then the Lights switched out.
"Hello, Bloodar. We've been expecting you."
"Blast those fools away!"
The Lights came on again, and Bloodar was standing next to a Guy who wore the cloth of a police officer, and had a couple scars. He had was carrying a 77-X Launcher, a cannon that shot Radion-X (a type of radiation that Paralyzes enemies for a couple of hours). He fired his Launcher, and the whole gang (except bloodar) were hit.
Bloodar said, "hahaha! We are S.H.A.D.O.W (Super Hunting Agency of Doom and Organ-Bursting Weapons)"
Slapshon said, "S.H.A.D.O.W? You set us up?"
Bloodar said, "I would never randomly team up with you like that!"
Natalie said, "Well, it was pretty random..."
Bloodar said, "And Insani here, I made a deal with him. I help him destroy the Aliens who destroyed his homeland, he joins up with you, and then teams up with us right here."
Bloodar gave insani a shot, which disabled the Paralyzation.
Insani said, "Did you think that I would coem all the way here? there are hundreds of other planets that are civvilized trhat I could have fled to. And after that...Did you think I would join you randomly? And BloodFighter? That's even mroe of a stupid name than SlapShon! and the lone Warriors?! WHAT KIND OF TEAM NAME IS THAT?!"
Natalie said, "See? I told you MonsterBusters was a better name."
Bloodar said, "And Why? Why did we do this? Because we are S.H.A.D.O.W.! And You would have come this close to finding out that france was decontaminated by us a year ago! And that our main operationss base is there! But you were too dumb! You fell for our trap! And now you will die! Because this paralyzation is lasts for 4 hours! And by that time this place would eb a crater! We're booming this base down, and you're going with it!"
Slapshon whispered to Natalie, "Probably for a normal person, but with our enchanced abilities..."
Bloodar said, "I'm setting the bomb...for 2 and 1/2 hours, so you can sit here thinking about all that you didn't acomplish in life, and how you're going to die! Wahahaahha!"
The Guy in a police uniform said, "We must go. The Police will detect our weapons soon. Let's go!"
Bloodar said, "Ok, HeadHunter!"
HeadHunter and Bloodar ran from the base, with the clock tickign away.
After 2 hours and 15 minutes, there strenthg returned.
Slapshon screamed, "WE NEED TO MOVE!"
They ran from the base, and a Flame in the shape of a skull grew. The base Lit up in Flames.
Slapshon was hit by the fire, but natalie escaped.
Slapshon said, "ARGH! I've been...hiiit..."
Natalie said, "are you OK?"
Slapshon said, "I don't...know...Let's GO!"
---Monster Chronicles---
-A Battle of a lifetime-

We join our heroes a mile away from the SHADOW base. They were both lieing on the ground, weakened
Suddenly, they woke up. They were near another SHADOW base! In fact, A squad of Military Troops slowed bloodar down, they were just leaving!
Slapshon said, "QUICK! We have to go after them!"
slapshon sent a boulder hurling at a fuel tank, the result was a massive display of Fire.
Bloodar screamed, "We've got Company!"
A SHADOW soldier said, "Nobody's here!"
Bloodar said, "Maybe that's ebcause YOU ONLY CHECKED BEHIND A SINGLE TREE!"
A SHADOW soldier said, "Nope, nobody's here a---"
Before he could finish that sentence another Boulder flew towards a copter.
It exploded.
The explosion eliminated the other copters too, causing blodoar and SHADOW to eb stuck withput any means of tranportation.
Bloodar screamed, "I know your out there, but what I don't know---is how you survived."
Headhunter said, "Sir? You know who it is?"
bloodar said, "It's those annoying Dracula Friends"
Headhunter said, "But I thought..."
Bloodar said, "They must have...escaped."
Headhunter said, "How?!"
Bloodar looked around.
Bloodar said, "Farewell, headhunter. I gotta flee. WHAHAAHAH!"
Headhunter said, "your leaving me?!"
Bloodar said, " What are you, Gay?!"
With that, Bloodar vanished.
Headhunter said, "We can do...nothing."
Before they knew it, they were flying through the air, towards a rock.
Then there vision blacked out.
---Monster Chronicles---
-Prequel to Destruction-

Now that Natalie and Slapshon knew that the SHADOW base was in france, they stole a Rocket Pod and flew to france.
A couple hours later, they were in france.
Natalie and Slapshon jumped out of the rocket pod...
France looked like one of the graveyards you would see in a horro movie.
A mysterious voice said, "WAHAHAHAHA! You got here! I've been prepering this robotic monster for awhile, NOW DIE!"
There was a Robotic monster, Piloted by Bloodar above was about the size of Guerilla.
Natalie said, "...look at this. No Protection against water. One drop of water and BOOM!"
Slapshon said, "Get some water! i'll handle him!"
Slapshon shouted at the robot, "HEY?! Think you can get me? You cant lay a fingero n me! So come on and TRY!"
The robotic monster shot lazers at Slapshoe, But slapshoe kept dodging them.
Natalie came back and sprayed water over the foot of the started to malfunction.
Bloodar screamed, "WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!"
The Machine exploded, and a huge chunk of emtal hit natalie.
Slapshon screamed, "NATALIE!!!"
Natalie said, " was water...i have to ruuuuuunnnnngggghhh..."
Slapshon said, "Natalie..."
He ran towards the SHADOW base.
After a couple minutes of running, he was there. He knocked out a SHADOW troop and took the keys to the entrance.
He walked in, and grabbed a bag full of weapons.
He planted bombs along the walls of the Base, and took out some Rocket launchers.
He started firing at the Security Guards.
He threw the Rocket launchers aside and took out some grenades. He threw them at walls.
After a while, he was in the core of the base.
He planted some more bombs, and then ran towards the entrance...the bombs he planted were remote controlled, but he didn't have the control, so he would shoot at the bombs, too set them off.
He was outside. He threw a giant amount of propane gas into the base, and then threw all his grenades into the base. He closed the entrance doors, and ran away.
The Base Exploded.
Bloodar flew up to Slapshon and said, "You thought I'd die that easily? You were wrong."
Slapshon said, "I cna defeat you!"
Bloodar said, "You don't need to. France was transformed into a SHADOW base a coupel years ago. The Whoel place is part of our HQ. France is going to blow up in a couple minutes."
Slapshon said, "You'll die too..."
Bloodar said, "So?  There's nothing I can do to chaneg that. Hahaha!"
slapshon ran towards the rocket pod, but Blodoar took a knife out, and stuck it into slapshon.
Bloodar said, "You're not oging anywhere. We're going to stay here, and watch the fireworks. The last sight...We'll ever see."
Slapshon said, "You're...crazy..."
Bloodar said, "Nah.  Heh. Insani is stuck here too. He's trying to stop the fireworks."
Slapshon said, "But...your for...I succeeded..."
Bloodar said, "...Mmm..."
Boom. The final Boom.
I'm crossing you in style