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Team Roster
« on: November 23, 2009 »
This topic will show you which members are called whatever team name, favorite characters, and which members are paired up with.

Toadette & Topper1:

Team Name: Art Deco

Color: Streamliner Gray

Favorite Characters: Luigi & Toadette

kingboo & berrylarry200:

Team Name: Floret Boos

Color: Floral Pink

Favorite Characters: Boo & Princess Peach

Yoshi1 & yoshi14:

Team Name: Super Yoshi Bros.

Color: Yoshi Green

Favorite Characters: Yoshi & Yoshi

Marioguy and garis208:

Team Name: Game Majors

Color: Player Purple

Favorite Characters: Mario & Dry Bones

mari0vsluigi and foxmccloud15:

Team Name: The Mushroom Stompers

Color: Mushroom Red

Favorite Characters: Toad and Blooper

Real Hammer Bro and Relx12:

Team Name: Power Flowers

Color: Beautiful Blue

Favorite Characters: Hammer Bro & Daisy

Shaby and ShyGuyO:

Team Name: Lucky Sevens

Color: Grand Gold

Favorite Characters: Yoshi & Shy Guy

Reserve: Waluigi48
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