Author Topic: Minigames Ruin this Game  (Read 5954 times)

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Re: Minigames Ruin this Game
« Reply #15 on: April 21, 2015 »
The Minigames don't actually ruin the game - they make it (like all Mario Party's beforehand).
It's the lack of instructions and modes that ruin it.

...and lack of minigames too (applies to Bowser Party). :P
I think he was talking generally, and as said before, I had to TEACH Dark Boo how to play Blooper Blastoff because he thought you had to tap "A" as fast as you can, but I said that you had to have a sync with "A". (rhythm)
And besides, the rules screen was so undescriptive, and even the fact that you have to go into Mario Party/Bowser Party and THEN go to minigames. Why couldn't they just make one section "Mario Party", another section "Bowser Party", and a section for "Minigames, for both Mario and Bowser Party. I thought MP9 did a better job of organization and "bonus" minigames, mainly because you could choose if you wanted to do Free for All, Time Attack, or even High Rollers! MP10 only has 1-2 of those. Bowser Party ONLY has 10 minigames... Wow... I don't think ND Cube really cared about minigames.

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Re: Minigames Ruin this Game
« Reply #16 on: May 09, 2015 »
These minigames sometimes just bore me to sleep . And just like everyone else , from I can see , the instructions were really lazily put together .

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