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Hey guys! Am i the only one excited for Mario Party 10? Like.. Im sure it's gonna be the one where all Mario Party fans will finally get along! ...At least i hope,but you can really see they are trying! Instead of Mario Party Island Tour where they taken the worst parts of Mario Party 9 (More luck,shorter and simpler board,less content) and only feel like a Wii Party game with mario characters... But here,it's obvious they are really trying to fix their mistakes! (Classic Mode is back,Really more more content than other games of the series,2vs2 minigames and DK are back,ect...) It's obvious they are listenning their fanbase and that's awesome! And im sure they will try to improve the car system as well so every fans of Mario Party can enjoy it as i did... But enough talking about my feeling about this game,we could talk more about it later :p

I also wanted to tell you my predictions for this game!

First,what will we probably get in the game:
- Spaces doesn't affect Bowser (Had this one right)
- Toad's Room will remplace the museum,Bonus Games will remplace the minigame mode and Amiibo Bonus will be the place to get new boards from Amiibos (Almost that except Amiibo Bonus makes you get.. Bonus from Amiibos)
- Spaces in boards are randomly generated per each Amiibos (except events spaces with "!" on it) and if you scan a different Amiibo of the same character,you get a different design (with witch i mean,differents locations of spaces) ((And no each board are all the same))
- No chance time but the "?" will do an event wheel like the "!" space in MP9 (In Amiibo Party,YES!)
- Need 4 Amiibos or more to play Amiibo Party and 4 players
- 2VS2 minigames will all be coins minigames (Nope)
- 1VS3 minigames will NOT be remplaced by BowserVSAll minigames (seen in trailer)
- Bowser Jr minigames will be the same as in Mario Party 9 (No it's only two single players minigames)
- Bowser minigames are added to Bowser spaces events in Mario Party Mode. It's an AI controlling Bowser against the players with a set number of lifes (something like 3) If you loose all your lifes,you loose half of your ministars. (No,don't happens..)
- Bowser Jr boss battle is gonna be better and less luck-based but with a brand new theme that isn't as awesome as in MP9 (Or might be remplaced by Kamek) ((Neither of the two it's remplaced my Mecha-Koopa))
- Bowser will have a less luck-based boss battle as well and you will be able to play as him if you do it on Bowser Party on his board (Yes and No)
- Battle spaces are erased,DK spaces as well (Pretty much but you can still do battles)
- There will be at least 5 luck minigames. 2/3 in 4 players 1/2 in Boss Battles 1 in 2VS2 and 1/3 in Bowser Minigames/1VS3 (No)
- The player in last position doesn't have any ministars anymore and 4VS spaces gives more ministars (Like +6 +3 +1 +0) (No No No it's not edited)
- There is gonna be a counting,a racing,a "press-first-the-button" an "half-luck half-skill" and a really confusing,unplayable and awful minigame(s) in this game (Kind of)

Second,what i would like we get and could happens but has less chances:
- Bowser Party is actually a mode where you are trying to get the more hearts than the others,trying to cooperate with the others players to not let the solo player wins but also trying to kill them when you don't need them! (No sadly)
- Mario Party mode have more items than only dices (No sadly again)
- Battle Mode is back and is buffed! 3 different types of Bros comes (Hammer Bro,Fire Bro and Boomerang Bro) And a wheel appears to see how much ministars will be taken. (No again but Battle Mode is really buffed! 5 ministars instead of 3)
- Custom set of minigames is back from MP4 (No..)
- Each modes are way more customables (Short,Medium or Long board / Few,Medium or Lots of events / Few,Medium or Lots of Minigames / Easy,All,Action,Reflexion or Skills set of minigames) ((They are LESS customables...))
- Online but in a minigame-only mode (No online at all)
- Unlockables characters are from spin-off mario games (Count Bleck,Fawful,ect..) Well,maybe even we could get Tumble and MC Ballyhoo that would be awesome!! (HAHA no)

Hope you liked it,it take me a long time to write all that! Tell me what you think of it in replies :p
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Re: Mario Party 10 Predictions (And also free talk)
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2015 »
- I predict that they will add a feature of tag team mode when players in sets of two have their own cars and you can like customize your car in anyway you want, I.E change the color of the car or add some designs to it

- This will be the first to have online mode but friends only (both mini-game mode and car mode)

- Better items that can really affect your chance of winning instead of increasing your chance

- Some features of MPIT might make a return like race to the finish

- Remakes of some retro mini-games

- There might be some form of DLC included

Most of this predictions is a little far fetched but nonetheless it just speculation. :P

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Re: Mario Party 10 Predictions (And also free talk)
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2015 »
- I like this idea! I aleredy think of that but forgot to put it into my predictions  :P And that would be pretty simple if they are in the same car! Just change the count of ministars to calculate all ministars of the same team and each team can have 5 items and such!  :D (But no 1VS3 minigames)
- Yeah! Plus,that would be easy to make!
- This is what i meant! We keep the dice but also other kind of items... Like two kinds of items,dices and mushrooms (Generic items like,steal another items,make an opponement skip a turn,ect)
- I can see that in a Captain Event.. But i think we aren't gonna get Captain Events anymore
- I doubt on that,even if they aleredy did that in MPDS. I prefear to get only new minigames but it's only a personal preference!  ;)
- Mario Party Island Tour would be the PERFECT one to have that since all boards are differents! (And it doesn't have a lot of contents)

Also,i can really see adding an update with  boards for others characters (Daisy,Waluigi,DK,Toadette,Rosalina and Wario) as well with new Mario Amiibos  :-D