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Art Style
« on: January 03, 2009 »
Art Style is a series of WiiWare games for the Wii that are based upon Bit Generations (a japanese series of games for the GBA). In fact two titles (Rotohex and Orbital are remakes). Each of these games are very unique and offer a great experience. I suggest you buy all three. Honestly, buy these now if you like puzzle games! Now let me explain what each game is like.

You control a white star and make him grow bigger by absorbing blue and gray stars. And so on. Here is a great review of it. It is amazing and one of the most unique games you'll ever play.

This game is not a remake and is an original title. You shoot colored cubes at an object called Cubello. You try to match four cubes in a row and the object is to get rid of all the cubes on the cubello.

This is kind of hard to explain i think gameplay will do the best:

The Future Of Art Style:
There are currently two titles in the work for DSiWare. These are Art Style: DECODE  and Art Style: AQUARIO. I'm very excited for these :D.
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