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Although Mario Party 2 is first good Mario Party in my opinion (MP1 sucked, because it was way too harsh in my opinion) there are some things that existed in MP2 that I didn't like.


I didn't like Battle-games overall in MP2, because it has too many Battle-games, where I don't either have very good chance to win against Hard-computers or they are Luck-based. My overall opinion about MP2 Battle-games:

- Grab Bag: Okay, didn't like or dislike it
- Bumper Balloon Cars: Liked it
- Rakin' 'em in!: Nightmare for me
- Day at the Races: Luck-based...
- Face Lift: Liked it
- Crazy Cutters: Glitchy, sometimes the game thinks that I made a circle and ends my "cutting" and gives me 0 points (same glitch happens also in MP1-version)
- Hot BOB-OMB: Liked it, although it's semi-luck based
- BOWSER's Big Blast: Luck-based


I didn't like the fact, that unlike in future Mario Parties, players can only carry one item at the time. I also hated that players can't throw Skeleton Keys away (unlike in Mario Party 3) and sometimes I think that some items are overpriced. For example about Magic Lamp in Item Shop, if player wants to get any benefit from it, (s)he has to pay 50 coins (30 for item and 20 to star).

Game options

Here's one thing that I don't like about this game. In Mario Party 1 and 2, if player changes game options (View/Skip Explanation Screen, change Message Speed and so on), the changes stay for that one board only. Mario Parties 3-9 keep the Game Options on, so players don't need to change them at the start of every board. Small, insignificant, but still very annoying feature :D

But other than those, I really like Mario Party 2. What things you didn't like about Mario Party 2?
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Re: Things you disliked about Mario Party 2...
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2014 »
My big gripes with MP2:

1. Appearance of the extra board.
Once you clear all of the main boards, you can't go back and play them until you beat the unlockable board. It only happens once, but it still is a little messed up.
I think I read somewhere that MP1 was worse with this though.

2. Unlocking the Battle/Item minigames for free play.
You have to go through quite a lot just to unlock them. I didn't mind it so much since I was used to videogames by the time I was unlocking them, but I do feel bad for the people who had lots of trouble.

3. The end of the Minigame Coaster (on Hard, anyway)
The part where Toad asks you to return to the start. If you say yes, it DOES happen. Oi...I didn't fall for this, but I feel bad for anyone who did (maybe it was Nintendo telling kids to read the description...If only we could do that on Youtube).
Even after that though, I got stuck on the Shell-Shocked part of that for at least ten tries. It was the first time I seriously struggled with one specific thing in a videogame, and I know it frustrated me a little. Fortunately losing that part doesn't affect your final score, and you can try again almost instantly.

4. Bowser Bomb.
Not because it's a bad item (I actually like its concept), but because you can't obtain it as an item to control when to release it. I thought it would've been better as a rare item you can choose to set off manually to catch others in a trap (although the coin penalty would have to be nerfed a bit). Technically, you can by actually aiming for it during an item minigame, but eh...
Still, I'll have to thank it for giving the funny "Got Item ?" message. That gave me a laugh the first few times I saw it.

5. A couple minigame complaints:

A: Torpedo Target's wonky controls.
I like this minigame a lot, but it's not very beginner-friendly. Playing the minigame for the first few times is a real drag-down for those not used to the awkward control scheme.

B: Luck-based minigames.
This never stops being an issue in MP games...Though, in this game, there're only a measly two, and they're both battle games, and they're charming. I'd like a giant inflated Bowser face to blow up in someone's face one day....and betting on a Boo to win the race? Haha. Not to mention they have emotions shown before racing.

C: Some of the minigames are clones from MP1.
Namely Minecart Havoc (namecheck please), Bobsled Run, and Rainbow Run (Tightrope Treachery). Just a little lack of unoriginality here, but hey, they're fun, so I don't really mind this one much.

6. Horror Land's gimmick with the Whomps.
This being the first board to use a "two-state" Day-Night system was really neat, but I didn't like how it kept blocking off pathways, especially if it made it impossible to reach a star for a little while. I do like how it can limit the use of Boos, though (if it did. My memory here is foggy).

That's about all I can come up with. Overall, a short list of problems.

By the way, for Crazy Cutters in both MP1 and MP2, ALWAYS hold down at the start. This will keep you from glitching out and losing.
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Re: Things you disliked about Mario Party 2...
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2014 »
The only things I disliked about this game were the Duel games, and that they put Slot Car Derby in it. I hated Slot Car Derby. It didn't need to be in two MP games.

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Re: Things you disliked about Mario Party 2...
« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2014 »
I hated that you could only carry one item at a time. It was such a huge restriction.