Nintendo - Wii U
4 (36.4%)
Sony - PS4
7 (63.6%)
Microsoft - X1
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: Who's Likely to Win This 8th Generation Console...Thingy  (Read 954 times)

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To clear it up. Not who you WANT to win but given what's happened so far, who is LIKELY.

Well. With that recent news of Sony's PS4 crushing their sales mark, I'd say they are doing sharp. It's surpassed Wii U in sales and has been around for a shorter time frame(that says Sony is doing something right, i feel).

Wii U needs that extra boost. Maybe they'll obtain it with the release of MK8 and SSB4? Personally, I don't see MK8 doing much but SSB4 could be another story...(i'd buy a Wii U for that one game if i had the money)

Honestly don't know what's been going on with the X1. I feel it's kinda in the background and not getting much attention. Really, it seems ppl would rather just stick to their 360's than purchase another console.


I'm not one for "console wars" and think every console has their ups and downs for what they're worth... But what do YOU think?

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Probably Wii U cause a lot of great games are coming out this year.

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Sony, for the PlayStation 4. It had a successful launch in all territories, and it is continuing to sell in the period after the holiday season. They're in great shape for their gaming division, despite their financial issues overall. It'll continue to sell even with Infamous: Second Son coming out soon.

For Wii U, while it may have a good launch in 2012, it's just not appealing to most people, and some think it's an add-on to the Wii. Bad sales throughout 2013, and very few to no evergreen titles in the first half of 2013. The second half of the year picked up, but not to where most of us want it to be. We know that there's Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. 4 coming up and will push the Wii U more, but still not good because of the install base Wii U currently has.

Xbox One seemed to have a good launch in its holiday season, but it also seems that sales have been a bit lackluster in the early months of 2014. With a high price of $500, it just seems too much for some people. Plus, all of its media features are blocked by a paywall, too, having to shell out another $50 to unlock them all for a year. Seems too much. But we'll have to see if sales pick up or not after Titanfall is released for Xbox One tomorrow. Although it might not since Titanfall is also coming to Xbox 360.

I don't like that there are console wars, but it's there because of the fanboys everywhere. Nothing we can do to stop with the console wars.

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^Vip pretty much hit the needle on the haystack plus Nintendo doesn't compete with Sony and Microsoft which automatically pushes them to 3rd place since the Wii U console is inferior compare to the One and PS4.

But I'm still going to rock with Nintendo till the end. 8)

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Whoever wins doesn't matter because we all still lose in the end.
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I've stopped caring about graphics (aside from framerate), so the PS4 and X1 don't really appeal to me as much as they would otherwise. Video game graphics have reached a ceiling where it's nearly impossible to make graphics engines that much better with anything aside from time and effort; this might also be true for any media.
The Wii U, on the other hand, has some good games, but having a new console aside from the Wii felt quite unnecessary, and with most of the titles released so far on the Wii U, it feels like the majority of those would have run fine on a Wii, even if the graphics were to take a hit. Perhaps if the engine were drastically improved over the Wii, I would like the Wii U more, but the 8th Generation of consoles for Nintendo isn't going well so far.

In terms of processing, the PS4 looks to be the most stable as of now, so I'd say it's currently the winning console.
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Too soon to make the call right now, but I'd I had to guess now I'd go with PS4.