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Cast Aways (Mario Party 1)
« on: December 22, 2013 »

There are three rows where are floating coins, coin bags and chests. Players have to obtain the floating items depending how they cast their gloves within a short, medium or long distance. To do a long cast, player have to push control stick hard. To do a short cast, player have to push the control stick lightly.

After the player makes a cast, they have to reel the glove back by rotating the control stick.

I usually hate minigames, where players have to rotate the control stick. Those kind of Minigames are Tug o' War, Pedal Power and Vicious Wending. However, this one is an amazing exception!

I love this Minigame for two reasons: first of all, if you're good at this, you can get easily more coins from this one, than you can get from Whack-a-Plant or Coin Shower Flower when you're the lone player. Secondly, you don't need to kill your palm, you can just relax and use your thumb to rotate the control stick! (You can just use your thumb instead of your palm in this minigame, because you don't need to rotate the control stick as fast as possible)

I usually get about 40 coins here. How many coins do you get?
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Re: Cast Aways (Mario Party 1)
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2013 »
I love this mini-game! I aim for the back row as it's the easiest row for me, aiming for the first two rows is quite tricky for me. I usually get around 20-40 coins, it depends on where I'm placed in this mini-game. This and Grab Bag are my favorite mini-games in the first Mario Party.

The very first time I played this mini-game, I got zero coins, I just kept on missing every coin, coin bag, and treasure chest in sight. Of course I'm used to controlling the glove now, I should have practiced first.
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