Author Topic: Nintendo Letterbox/ Swapnote Stationary Exchange  (Read 847 times)

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I am now staring up a Nintendo Letterbox/ Swapnote Stationary Exchange Service! You see, my Pikachu 3ds XL when doing a data transfer from my old one made me lose everything on it since I messed it up and transferred from new to old, rather than the right way round. So one of the things I lost besides Streetpass Data and Ambassador games/eShop titles was my Letterbox Stationary. Is it possible for us to add friend codes and exchange them with eachother? I've started this thread for anyone to contribute and combine each other's stationary and share it.

My 3ds friend code is: 2723-8912-3400. Please feel free to add me and post yours!
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Re: Nintendo Letterbox/ Swapnote Stationary Exchange
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We already have a topic for Friend Codes, but I'll add you to the list. =)

Feel free to add me if you want: 0430-8334-8202 ;)