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Duel Minigames
« on: February 05, 2013 »

Duel Mini-games

Duel mini-games are a special kind of mini-games that only occur when a player lands on a Duel Space or uses a Duel Capsule. They will occur only during the turn, and when they do the player who activated it will choose who will be his opponent. Winner gets what both players bet.


(Base image).

How to Play: Once everyone is set, I will state the riddle. The riddle will tell you which color wire to cut in order to win. The first person to state the correct color wins. The colors are the following: "black", "white", "red", "yellow", "green", "pink", "brown".

Tips: Memorize the image in order to answer the riddle as fast as you can. The riddle is based on its position compared to others.

2.Panel Pursuit^

(Base image).

(Example of game image).

How to Play: Once everyone is set, I will post an image reminiscent to that above. In doing so, I will state which pattern to look for, and you must be the first to state which number it is on to get the point for the round. There are 3 rounds, first to 2 points wins.

The following is what they are named (from left to right):
- Heart, Spade, Spark, Donut, (not shown) Question.

Tips: Be sure to memorize the image to be quick to find the pattern requested. Memorize what each name represents image-wise to be more sure of your decision.

3.Make Piece^

(Example of game image).

How to Play: Once everyone is set, I will post an image reminiscent to the above image. You have a choice of three pieces, shown on the bottom part of the image, labelled as 1-3 from left to right. You must be the first to state which piece will fit into the blank space, thus getting a point. There are 3 rounds, first to 2 points wins. The 2nd round however will show a more complex puzzle, with 4 pieces to choose from (1-4 from left to right). The 3rd round will be similar to the 1st.

Tips: Note that the first and last round are going to be easiest. It may be risky to rely on this however. Be sure to look at the hinges and be quick to find which on will give you the correct piece.

4.Shroom Stack

(Base outline).

(Example of game image; 2nd Player wins).

How to Play: Each player will take turns dropping a Mushroom of their color onto the game board. They do so by choosing a number 1-9 from left to right on the grid system. The objective is to put 4 of your color Mushroom in a row (horizontal, vertical, diagonal). The first one to do so wins.

Tips: Pay attention to what your opponent might be setting up. Be careful of the one thing that guarantees a win, to which placing one Mushroom will give that person two places to drop a Mushroom and get 4 in a row.

5.Odd Baddie Out^

(Example of game image; Round 3 shows images from previous rounds).

How to Play: Once everyone is set, I will post an image reminiscent to the above. Round 1 will have the top row, being a Goomba. You must state which one is different from the other two. You do this by saying "left", "middle", or "right". Round 2 will be in the center row, being a Hammer Bro.. Round 3 will be in the bottom row, being a Pokey. First person to get the right answer wins a point for that round. First to 2 points wins.

Tips: Pay close attention to the images, and some have hardly any difference at all. Sometimes, you may be tricked by having two obscure images be the normal ones, and the odd one out is the unchanged sprite. Be sure to really look for any difference that may be present.

6.Desert Run

(Example of game image).

(Example of game image; Jump the pit!).

(Example of game image; Stop before the fire!).

How to Play: Once everyone is set, I will begin by posting the first example image. I will eventually post either the same image, or a different one. If it is an image with a pit, you must state "jump" within 20 seconds of the post. If you fail to do so, you will automatically lose. Later on, I will post the image with fire, to which you must state "stop". This is the tiebreaker, the person who gets closer to 30 seconds after the post will win. Beyond, they will automatically lose.

Tips: Timing is everything. Pay attention to the image and be quick to post. I recommend having a timer for the last post, but that would be difficult to time correctly.

7.Weird Weather

(Base image).

(Example of game image).

How to Play: Avoid the falling objects! Be the last one standing as Bob-ombs parachute down, and the Freezies hail down upon you, while above the clouds? Bizarre. You and your opponent occupy a 9 block wide space. You each have the option to move "left" or "right" each turn, while also being able to "stay". If you and your opponent try to move into the same space, the player who sends the command first will get that space, while the other player is forced to stay in their position. Each turn, red arrows will show up to indicate that an enemy is about to fall. The next turn, they will be revealed to be either a Parachutin' Bob-omb or a Freezie. Parachutin' Bob-omb will hang for a while, and drop the turn after. If you are beneath them when they do, you get eliminated. Freezies will immediately drop the turn they are revealed. They also block the player from moving onto that spot the turn after (unless you have a death wish). If you are in the same space as a Freezie when they get revealed, you will lose.

Tips: Movement has priority over the enemies dropping on top of you. Keep this in mind so you can use this to your advantage and not get instantly KO'd by a Freezie you didn't expect. However, that is still to say it isn't a good idea to stay underneath red arrows.

8.Slide Surprise^

(Base outline).

(Example of game image).

How to Play: Each player will choose a spot to drop their coin into, being from 1-9, left to right. The objective of the game is to have it land on a number higher than your opponent's. If you end up getting the same number, you will have to choose a number to drop through again. If both players choose the same number, the faster one will get accepted and the other player will have to choose a different spot. If both people landed on the same number, they can't choose the same drop spots as previously done.

The following entities effect the coin:
- Flipper - When a coin gets dropped here, it will then move a block to the direction of the slope.
- Peg - When a coin gets dropped here, it will move a block to the direction of the slope the coin last hit.
- Block - When a coin gets dropped here, it will warp to the other Block on the board, thus dropping from the bottom of the other block.

Tips: Aim for the 30 points to guarantee a win. This is usually the most difficult to get to, so be sure to simulate what a coin drop would be to end up at that spot.


(Example of game image).

How to Play: Each player must find a way to get to the exit. First the player must choose an Arrow space to start on (always going up from there). To do so, you state a number from 1-9 (from left to right). After that, you must state "left", "right", "up", or "down" based on where you end up. The floor is slippery, so going in a direction will cause you to not stop until you hit a wall or an ice block. In order to reach the exit, you must state the a correct order of movements such that you will end up going "up" into the gap at the top. The first one to state the correct answer wins.

Tips: There are many tricks that you can easily fall for. Try to think backwards from the goal, as to which blocks you can go into that are adjacent to the path prior. Multiple answers are very much possible, but it is best to find the shortest route in order to spend the least amount of time doing so.

10.Anchors Away

(Example of game image).

How to Play: First thing is first, each player must choose a spot to start their anchor at. To do this, you must state 1-9 (from left to right). Once done, you must find a way to rest your anchor on the bottom as soon as possible. To do this, you state either "left", "right", "drop", "rise", or "stay" each turn. You must try to avoid Blooper Nannies and their Blooper Babies. Running into a Blooper Nanny will cause your anchor to rise two blocks. Running into a Blooper Baby will only cause your anchor to rise one block. The first player to rest their anchor on the bottom wins.

Tips: Look ahead. The way the Blooper Nannies move will be based on their Blooper Babies. They can move diagonally, horizontally, but never vertically. Wrap-around clause is present to the Bloopers, meaning they will appear on the other side of the screen if they leave from one side of the screen. Diagonally moving ones will not wrap-around, instead they will bounce of the surface, the floor, and the sides of the screens.

11.Wiggler's Woods^

(Example of game image).

How to Play: Once everyone is set, I will post an image reminiscent to the above. Each player must choose a shell to then toss at the Wigglers. To choose a shell, you must state a number from 1-9 (left to right). Each square that a shell moves forward, a Wiggler will move one square in the direction it is facing. Note: This does not count the first square where a Wiggler can appear. Hitting a Wiggler's head gives you 3 points, hitting a Wiggler's body part will give you 1 point. The person who chooses a shell that gives the most points will win.

Tips: Think ahead. Find out which method will allow you to hit the most number of Wiggler heads, since it is more major than hitting a single body part. There will always be a shell that hits multiple Wiggler heads, but it is usually the most unlikely one.

12.Beetle Bust

(Base outline).

(Example of game image).

How to Play: One player takes the top, the other takes the bottom. For each turn, the player has the option to "jump". They will jump on the rightmost spot that a Buzzy Beetle can go onto. Jumping will do nothing if there isn't anything there however. The objective is to try and knock out the most Buzzy Beetles, ergo get the most points. Jumping on a Buzzy Beetle will cause it to retract into it's shell, to which you can then jump on the shell to have it hit the other enemies on your platform. Buzzy Beetles come out of either pipe during random turns. Knocking out a Buzzle Beetle with its shell will give you 1 point. Knocking out a Spike Top will also give you 1 point. Knocking out a Bony Beetle will not give you any points unless you knock it out while it is a bone pile (to which you get 1 point). If a Spike Top reaches the rightmost part of the screen, you will lose 1 point. If a Buzzy Beetle or Bony Beetle does the same, no points will be lost. Jumping on a Bony Beetle will turn it into a bone pile, same for knocking it with a shell. Doing so will cause all other enemies to skip over the bone pile for there 1 block/turn movement. The first player to reach 10 points will win. However, this isn't all you can do. Each turn, you can use one of your three items, being "Shell", "Block", or "Bomb". Shell will act as a Buzzy Beetle's shell that you jumped on, so it acts as a spare in case you are in dire need. Block will be place roughly halfway on the path of the opponent's side, meaning their shells will only knock out those to the right of the block (lasts only two turns). Bomb will eliminate all Bony Beetles on your side (and bone piles), but won't give you any points.

Tips: It is all based on how you time your strategies, and how to not get screwed over by your opponent's items. Remember, it is best to keep shells to make bigger combos, but don't leave a shell standing too long since Spike Tops can still pass it and cause you to lose a point.

13.Spin by Me*^

(Base image).

How to Play: Once everyone is set, I will post the link. I will also state the order of colors you should memorize.
Once the wheel turns, you will tell me what the numbers would be for the corresponding order of colors. The first person to give me the correct order of numbers will win.

Tips: A good tip is to memorize one color, and its position compared to the rest. You still need to spend the effort to find out how what the order would be.

14.Hidden Block Hunt*

(Base image).

How to Play: Once everyone is set, I will post the link. You will view the link and state where the Hidden Blocks are located. Be the first to state the correct answer in order to win. To indicate its location, you will state the row (A-C from top to bottom) then the horizontal position on the grid (1-9 from left to right). You can state the position of the blocks in any order you choose.

Tips: Pay attention to the image and remember where a Hidden Block was located. The grid can help you find out its horizontal position.

^ - are Short mini-games.
* - are Animated mini-games.

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Re: Duel Minigames
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2013 »
The purpose of this thread is to keep storage of any completed duel mini-games. You may provide critique for the currently complete mini-games so as to make them better (I would appreciate the criticism, as my mini-games often have flaws that I don't notice until I try to execute them). Many of these mini-games can be subject to change (especially anything using the RPG mechanics, need to overhaul that once more). Some mini-game descriptions may change now that I have included mini-game character sprites which can be used for clarity.

So please tell me what you think about any of the mini-games!

(This post may also be used for more space in case there is a character limit for a post).