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Battle Minigames
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Battle Mini-games

Battle Mini-games occur randomly instead of a 4-player mini-game at the end of the turn. The likelihood of them occurring is increased when everyone has a decent amount of coins. The coins that everyone must put in can be either 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 50 coins. The amount of coins won is based on the total of coins and your rank. 1st gets 70%, 2nd gets 25%, 3rd gets 5%, 4th get 0%. Certain mini-games have bonus coins in them, and will be given to players who have gotten it within the mini-game (does not interfere with total coins bet).

1.Thwomp Thwirl^

(Base image).

How to Play: Players are placed on the edge of a rotating platform! Each player will give me the option to rotate it (in a counterclockwise fashion) by "1" or by "0". 0 will not not count towards rotation, and 1 will add to the total number of rotations. Each player represents a single rotation. Once everyone has chosen their option, the block will rotate and the Thwomp will eliminate the one who ends up on the topmost block. This eliminates that spot in play, such that the spot will not count in rotations. This will go on until 3 players have gotten eliminated. The ranks will be determined by the order of elimination. Players positions are based in-game, starting from the topmost position and going in a clockwise fashion.

Tips: This is mainly luck and strategy. It is difficult to manipulate your opponents into knowing what you are going to do. No matter what, you still have a chance of getting eliminated. As rounds progress, there will be more empty spots, meaning less rotations necessary to get eliminated. It is a good idea to analyze the chances of the scenario as to which method would be best to ensure that you don't get eliminated at your position.

2.As the Bob-omb Counts Down

(Example of game image).

How to Play: Once everyone is set, I will post an image reminiscent to the above. The objective of the game is to be the first to count the right number of Bob-ombs that exploded. I will constantly be uploading the image. A red Bob-omb indicate one that will explode, if that Bob-omb isn't in the image after, then it will count as one that has exploded. I will state when you are allowed to post, to which the order of people posting the number will determine the rank (although how close it is will be a higher priority).

Tips: The red Bob-ombs will likely explode the next time I post an image. However, they may revert back to regular Bob-ombs or stay red. The fake Bob-ombs only obscure your views. At times I will add more Bob-ombs. Remember, you will have to look at each image carefully to be sure you have the right number of Bob-ombs which exploded.

3.Broiler Brawl

(Base image).

(Example of game image).

How to Play: Once everyone is set, I will begin with the base image. People can post to depict which direction they want to go to, either "up", "down", "left", "right", or "stay". You will move one square in the direction you want, or stay in the square you are in. If multiple players try for the same spot, the person who posted first will get it, and those who posted later will be forced to stay where they were. The objective of the game is to not come in contact with the fire. The ranks will be determined based on the order of elimination.

Tips: When a barrel is red, fire will shoot out of it the next turn. If fire is shooting out of the barrel, it will still be red. Fire will always stretch out for 3 blocks in front of the barrel. As the game goes on, more an fire will be more abundant. A good strategy is to try and trap people, being in their way and forcing them to not move out of the fire's range.

4.May Zap Peril

(Base image).

(Example of game image).

How to Play: Maze madness! The objective of the game is to reach the the Red Orb in the center of the maze. You must tell me the way you want to move, from "up", "down", "left", "right" or "stay". If you run into an Electric Wall, you will be forced back to start. There is a restriction to movement. You can only state up to 6 movement actions for each round. At the end of each round, the pattern of the Electric Wall will change. You will stay where you last left off, but I won't tell you where you are, you will have to remember that yourself. The order in which people reach the goal will determine their rank.

Tips: There isn't much of a time limit for your concern. It is best to find the shortest path towards the goal in the state it is currently in. Be careful though, as the Electric Wall pattern might actually force you to take a longer path on the space you are on.

5.Overcharge, Undercharge

(Example of "OFF" state).

(Example of "ON" state).

How to Play: Once everyone is set, I will post the statement "OFF". When this occurs, it is your job to post as much as you can. Any posts will count, as long as it has at least one word. However, I will eventually post the statement "ON". If you post after I have posted "ON", you will be eliminated. The "ON" statement will occur a total of 3 times. Ranks will be determined by the highest posts (if you get eliminated, your posts will still count, meaning you could still even get 1st). "ON" and "OFF" statements will be represented by their images at times.

Tips: I will post constantly as well. Restating "OFF" in order to trip you up in thinking that I posted "ON". So time your posts wisely and be sure to be on the lookout for my posts. I may also post an image when you least expect it as well.

6.Find Your Own Path!^

(Example of game image).

How to Play: Each round, I will post an image reminiscent to the above. You will tell me which path you want to take (being 1-4, from left to right). If more than one player chooses the same path, neither of them will go through, and they will lose a point if they have more than 0. If you go through a normal path (2 on the example) you will get 1 point. If you go through the blue path (3 on the example) you will get 2 points. If you go through the gold path (4 on the example) you will get 3 points. If you go through the black path (1 on the example) you won't get any points. A total of 10 turns will occur. Ranks will be based on the amount of points everyone has.

Tips: This is a game of mentality. People may get the idea to not choose the golden path, always choose the golden path, or choose a path that isn't the best. It is all a method of finding what people would choose and choosing one that will at least make you not lose points like the rest.

7.Spikey Playroom^

(Base outline).

(Example of game image).

How to Play: Once everyone is set, I will post an image reminiscent to the above example. In it, you will choose a place to stay, by stating a number from 1-9 (from left to right). If a person has chosen a number, then no one else may choose that number. The faster person to choose gets to keep that number. The idea is to avoid having the Spiked Balls land on you. Spiked Balls will always be moving down, until they hit an Arrow Block, causing them to move one block in the direction of the arrow, not falling of course. The gimmick is though, that each Arrow Block only works once. If a Spiked Ball goes through an Arrow Block, and another is supposed to go through the same one, the ones after will ignore the Arrow Block since it has already been used. To help visualize this, think of movement in blocks for the Spiked Balls, making you see the order they go through the Arrow Blocks. If Spiked Balls end up on the same space, one will stay in its place if it was falling to get to that spot. The game will consist of 3 rounds, to which one player is expected to be eliminated each turn. If multiple players get eliminated in a turn, the person who was faster gets the better rank.

Tips: It is challenging to find the way in which the Spiked Balls will fall. I recommend finding the least complicated route, and find safe spots from there. As the round progresses, it gets much more difficult to succeed. Be careful trying to swipe the win by just posting any spot when it is the final round, you will give your opponent all the time they want to find the right answer, thus giving them the win.


(Base image).

(Example of game image).

How to Play: Everyone will begin at their base (representing their order in-game). The objective of the game is to get the most Mecha-Koopas into your base as you can, thus getting the most points. Players will choose from the options of "up", "down", "right", "left", "stay", or "place". Each actions take one use. A turn consists of 6 uses. The action "place" will require the direction to place the direction of the arrow space. The arrow space will cause all entities to move in that direction when they come in contact. If two players try to place on the same space, the person who sent the action first will get the spot. Each turn the spawn point will spawn 4 new entities.

These are the following entities:
- Mecha-Koopa - These will move 1 space per action. Total of 6 per turn. Count as 1 point when put into your base.
- Bob-omb - Movement is the same. Make you lose 1 point when put into your base. Destroy Mecha-Koopas if they come in contact with each other.
- Mini Mario - Movement is the same. Ends the game when put into any base. Gives 2 points when put into your base.
- Mecha Sign - Gives a bonus if an entity passes it.

Tips: At the beginning of the game, I will state whether or not the direction is Clockwise or Counterclockwise. This is when an entity comes in contact with a wall, and has two paths to go to (not counting backwards). The main idea of the game is to work out a good strategy to try and win. There are many methods to try and screw others over while getting what you want. I'm pretty sure you will figure this out on your own.

The Mecha Sign will do the following:
- Mecha-Mania! - Mecha-Koopas will spawn at the spawn point each action for the next turn.
- Bomb-Mania! - Bob-ombs will spawn at the spawn point the next turn.
- Shuffle - The bases will be shuffled.
- Reverse - The arrow spaces will reverse direction.
- Bonus - If the entity that got this goes into your base, your score will double.
- Rotate - Clockwise becomes Counterclockwise. Counterclockwise becomes Clockwise.
- Switcheroo - All Mecha-Koopas become Bob-ombs. All Bob-ombs will become Mecha-Koopas.

^ - are Short mini-games.
* - are Animated mini-games.

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Re: Battle Minigames
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The purpose of this thread is to keep storage of any completed battle mini-games. You may provide critique for the currently complete mini-games so as to make them better (I would appreciate the criticism, as my mini-games often have flaws that I don't notice until I try to execute them). Many of these mini-games can be subject to change (especially anything using the RPG mechanics, need to overhaul that once more). Some mini-game descriptions may change now that I have included mini-game character sprites which can be used for clarity.

So please tell me what you think about any of the mini-games!

(This post may also be used for more space in case there is a character limit for a post).
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