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Game and Watch Gallery series
« on: October 02, 2012 »
And by the "G&W Gallery series", I mean the ones released on the GB and GBA ~ not the DS ones you can get on Club Nintendo

Now I've never owned a Game and Watch game myself, but the updated G&W games that were released on these games were really fun to play!

There are about 4 in the series (to my knowledge).

#1-3 were released on the Gameboy (All featured about 4-6 "modern updated games")
#4 - was released on the GBA (Featured 1 "modern updated games" - some which featured ones from the previous games)

You could also play these games in "classic style" where it looks like you were playing on a Game and Watch (#3 and 4 had a separate list of games in addition to the "modern updated games" that could only be playing in classic mode)

Had anyone ever gotten these games?
If so - which is your favorite game? (and G&W game?)

Myself - I have owned #2 and 4 ~ my favorites being Donkey Kong, Chef, Mario's Cement Factory, and Helmet.
I still enjoy all of the G&W games available, though - but not in classic mode. :P