Bowser's Nebula


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Description: New update! Almost no changes besides using custom events to improve the pacing of this board

This board was first supposed to take place in an attraction park but I finally decided to go for a more spatial setting although the original setting probably still shows! It's a board full of events and really uses Mario Party 1's events to it's full potential!

So, this board is hosted by Fake Bowsers (enemies transformed into Bowser by black magic) and there's one of them on each of the four sections of the board.

The central planet is kinda like an HUB that links to the other planets. It has varied spaces and almost all the Star Locations, meaning this part of the board will be filled with Chance Time spaces over time! Also, it has the only Bowser Space of the game and it's more powerful than ever!

The square planet lets you play Chance Time in exchange of 20 of your coins afterward. You can also land on the happening space there to visit Boo! Cross the rocket to exit the planet although this will cost you 5 coins to the Hungry Luma!

The coin planet has happening spaces that gives you 10 or 20 coins when you land on them! But you also have to pay Bowser 10 coins everytime you loop around the planet so it's up to you to decide how much you wanna risk there!

And finally, there's the aste-road. It's a bit faster than the usual road, is full of mushroom spaces and doesn't have the powerful Bowser space but you will still have to pay 10 coins to Bowser to take it. Also, there might be a star that could pop-up there...
Posted by: Spongyoshi October 09, 2018, 01:06:11 PM

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