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Title: Items/Shops
Post by: Yoshiman222 on June 18, 2012
All items in the game will be listed in their own categories, each which have their own shop to them.

Toad's Mushroom Depot (
Koopa Kid's Joint (
Koopa's General Store (
ShyGuy's Warehouse (
Title: Toad's Mushroom Depot
Post by: Yoshiman222 on June 18, 2012
Toad : Hey, and welcome to the Mushroom Depot!
All items featured here are Mushroom, and will generally effect how you move.

Mushroom - 5 coins
Lets you roll another dice block, which is added to your total

Reverse Mushroom - 5 coins
Forces you or an opponent of your choice to move in the opposite direction. (Players do NOT re-roll their dice blocks)

Poison Mushroom - 5 coins
Forces you or an opponent of your choice of re-roll your dice block, forcing a result of 1-3.

Slow-Shroom - 10 coins
Allows you to pick what your roll is from 1-10

Golden Mushroom - 15 coins
Lets you roll another 2 dice blocks, which is added to your total

Ghost 'shroom - 15 coins
Gives you or an opponent immunity to all items (except for Mushroom items), passing events (Including Stars, Bowser, and so on), and spaces they land on.
Lasts until the owner's next turn.
Title: Koopa Kid's Joint
Post by: Yoshiman222 on June 18, 2012
Koopa Kid : Yo, welcome to Koopa Kid's Joint - Where we deal in the best of Bowser wares and items!
Why don't you look around for a bit and buy something? Huh? You're not here for that...
Well, GET LOST THEN! I don't need no beggars at my door-step! We sell top-quality item to people who can afford them!
What's that? You must want to take a look at them? Fine, but no touching! Understand? DO NOT TOUCH THEM AT ALL!!!

Bowser Bomb - 10 coins
A bomb that lets Bowser take his turn, which he will roll 3 dice blocks and will move from the purple-bordered Bowser space (Start if there is none).
If Bowser passes a player, they will participate in a "Bowser Event". When Bowser ends his turn, the space he stops on will be replaced with a purple-bordered Bowser space.

Bowser Phone - 10 coins
Forces you or an opponent to participate in a "Bowser Event".

Bowser Suit - 15 coins
Turns the player into Bowser, allowing them to steal 20 coins from any player the pass.
Also causes a special event to sometimes happen at a shop.

Bowser's All Working 100% Anti-Boo Repellant - 10 coins
Auto-use ~ Prevents Boo from stealing lots of coins from you. Also prevents star-theft.

Bowser's Revolutionary Pocket Watch - 20 coins
Re-does everyone's turn, returning all items used by other players as well. Also causes a re-roll in everyone's dice-blocks

Bowser Roadblock - 15 coins
Forces you or an opponent to skip their next turn. Also, any players (including the owner) who tries to pass this player will be forced to stop on the space that player is on. Lasts until the owner's next turn.
Title: Koopa's General Store
Post by: Yoshiman222 on June 18, 2012
Koopa : Welcome to the General Store! General items that don't really fit into any category will be sold.

Plunder Chest - 10 coins
Steal an item from a player of your choice. The item you take from them is random, however.

Dueling Glove - 15 coins
Forces you and an opponent of your choice to a duel mini-game, where you will duel to determine who will get the wagered coins/star chosen by you.

Boo Bell - 15 coins
Calls Boo to you, which you can pay him to steal coins/stars

Warp Pipe - 15 coins
Swap places with another player, chosen at random.

Magic Lamp - 20 coins
Summons the Genie of the Lamp, who will take you to the star after a huge detour. (You'll still get your turn, don't worry :P)

Battle Flare - 15 coins
Forces everyone to participate in a battle mini-game. The number of coins everyone will spend to play is chosen by you. (Either 10, 20, 30, or 50 coins each)
Title: ShyGuy's Warehouse
Post by: Yoshiman222 on June 18, 2012
Shy Guy : Hello, and welcome to Shy Guy's Warehouse. All the orbs sold here can be placed on spaces to harm any opponents who land on it.
You also will gain 5 coins if you land on it yourself. They can be placed over any red or blue spaces.

Spiny Orb - 5 coins
Spiny shells will hit the player, making them give 10 coins to the owner.

Toadie Orb - 10 coins
A Toadie will appear and steal an item at random and give it to the owner.

Goomba Orb - 15 coins
A Goomba will force the player to hit a dice block. The result must be given in coins to the owner.

Twister Orb - 10 coins
Will force the player to return to start.

Gameshow Boo Orb - 20 coins
Gameshow Boo, host of the all the game-show mini-games, will appear and make the player spin a wheel, causing a usually bad effect to happen to them.

Piranha Plant Orb - 15 coins
A Piranha Plant will eat the player, then spit them out, stealing half their coins and giving them to the owner.