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Title: Pokemon Ranger Series
Post by: Billy12510 on March 01, 2011
The Pokemon Ranger series is focused not on battling Pokemon, but using Pokemon to clear obsticles, like fires and fences, and protecting the environment of Pokemon. (hippie!) The main scheme of of its drawing circles around Pokemon and trying to convey your feelings of friendship toward it. Sounds boring huh? There's an evil gang in each region that tries misusing Pokemon for their own agenda, much like the main-stream games. In the end it comes down to you and some legendary Pokemon that's trying to be controlled by the main antagonist but then turns against it. In the original Ranger game, you couldn't take Pokemon out of their natural environment until Post-ending, but this was disabled in the sequels. Was this good? Have you played any of them? I think I remember posting that I beat the most-recent Ranger game in a week. How long did it take you to beat any Ranger game? And which was hardest? I think the original was hardest and the Guardian Signs was the easiest. I never died during Guardian Signs.
Title: Re: Pokemon Ranger Series
Post by: RurouniTim on March 01, 2011
I played them all and I thought they were alright. I enjoyed Guardian Signs most of all. I really enjoyed the events involving transferring most of all. It didn't feel all that special when i caught a pokemon in this series because I never got to keep it. It was enjoyable nonetheless.
Title: Re: Pokemon Ranger Series
Post by: Vipsoccermaster on March 02, 2011
I was sort of close of getting Guardian Signs after hearing from yoshi15, but I just didn't find the time to get the game. However, I may try to get myself a copy some time later in the year, probably.