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Title: Favorite and less favorite Battle Frontier.
Post by: Colyton on March 01, 2011
What would be your favorite and less favorite battle frontier from both Emerald and Platinum/HG/SS. When I talk about the Battle Frontier, I mean the Battlefield, like in the Battle Arcade there's this roulette, or Battle Factory you have to borrow pokemon and etc.

My favorite one would be the Battle Arcade, cuz I love having the advantage on my opponent. I always poison him or paralyse him and stuff like that. It was a great feature.

My less favorite would have to be the Battle Factory, I hate borrowing pokemons that aren't mine and during the battle I have to remember each opponents attacks, so I can exhange my pokemons.
Title: Re: Favorite and less favorite Battle Frontier.
Post by: Kanada on March 04, 2011
Well, the only pokemon game that I've played that HAS a Battle Frontier is Emerald.
My favourite one is the Battle Factory, cuz I like using pokemon I dont have.

The others are pretty good.