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Title: Nintendo 64DD
Post by: Milla Maxwell on January 08, 2011
The Nintendo 64DD was the N64's sucessor that was backwards compatable. It was released on December 1st, 1999 for $300. (Wooooooooooooooooooow) The games came on weird magnetic disks that were more expensive than regular CDs. It was only released in Japan. It only sold 15,000 units which failed like the Virtual Boy. Only 23 exclusive came out on the system which includes add on expansion paks of exsisting N64 games. The following N64 games had expansions of add-on material and graphics improvments: F-Zero X, Mario Party, Ocarina of Time ( I hope the add-on content of the N64DD version is moved on the 3DS remake =P), Diddy Kong Racing, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 007, Star Fox 64, Mario Kart, and Pokemon Stadium. The exclusive games were: Nippon (Japan) Golf Tour 64, Doshin the Giant (Moved to the Game Cube), Mario Artist: Polygon Studio, Mario Artist: Commucation Kit, Mario Artist: Paint Studio, Kyojin no Doshin Kaihō Sensen Chibikko Chikko Daishūgou, Sim City 64, Randnet Disk, and Sim City 2000. Phew..... Here's a link for more detailed information and the list of games. (
The system with it's magnetic disc
A Mario Staute in Sim City 64.
THe N64DD tech demo
The front view of the system
The game cases

It even had a cool start-up screen. =P
Title: Re: Nintendo 64DD
Post by: Ryoux0 on January 08, 2011
I always wondered what that bottom part of the N64 was for.. Wonder what the add ons for Zelda were..
Title: Re: Nintendo 64DD
Post by: Vipsoccermaster on January 08, 2011
Sucks that it was a commercial failure. The add-ons for some games would have been neat for some of those games I had, but it was only released in Japan.

I wonder if those add-ons will be moved to the 3DS, such as Star Fox and Ocarina of Time.
Title: Re: Nintendo 64DD
Post by: Mizore_Ice on January 08, 2011
That first picture...*thinks of how Sega was a complete failure with that add-on crap*

It would've been neat to play...but nah. I can live with it.

Also, that startup screen is awesomesauce!
Title: Re: Nintendo 64DD
Post by: MattC on January 08, 2011
It probably failed because of the price. Yeah, it would've been interesting to play but I wouldn't buy it for $300.
Title: Re: Nintendo 64DD
Post by: Chubzster on January 08, 2011
It's a shame that we never got to test it or have it here to try. I can see why people wouldn't want it; the price is too high. Though it may not have been made, I also want to see if they put the add-ons from it to the 3DS remakes.
Title: Re: Nintendo 64DD
Post by: Snowy on January 08, 2011
MOTHER 3 ;_;
Title: Re: Nintendo 64DD
Post by: Justin on January 25, 2011
Dude somebody needs to find out those zelda add ons were.
Title: Re: Nintendo 64DD
Post by: Yoshi1 on January 25, 2011
Hmmm, yes I've heard of this. It looks weird and I don't know much about it. I heard somewhere (probably Mario Wiki) that there was going to be a Super Mario 128 for this I think but it got scratched.
Title: Re: Nintendo 64DD
Post by: Starlit Midnight on January 26, 2011
It failed because it didn't have a strong promotion, nor did people see any difference from the 64 to 64DD. And yes, the price was too high, but bad marketing decisions also led to it's demise.