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Title: Audiosurf
Post by: HyperHalcyon on August 10, 2010
This game is an award-winning puzzle/rhythm hybrid game created by Invisible Handlebar.
It's about stacking your colored blocks in 3 rows vertically and/or horizontally. Stack more colors up for more points.
Like 3 rows of yellow. You score like 2000 points. If one line is full and you used the line that it's full to store your colored block, It automatically makes you lose alot of points.

Here an example video.

So, You may now discuss this. Might make a poll of this.
Title: Re: Audiosurf
Post by: Real Hammer Bro on August 11, 2010
I was used to play this game month ago, or maybe last year. Because I found out this game's just not the right way to enjoy my songs.
I'm just saying the 3D design is awesome, but the gameplay gets boring quickly.