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Title: SPOILER Rules (READ before POSTING)
Post by: SuperZambezi on May 22, 2010, 08:45:01 PM
Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a recently released game, therefore there are certain topics that would be considered Spoilers. There are rules for topic titles that can be seen to the rest of the Forum and those who have not yet seen these spoilers in the game. There is no way to use the Spoiler Tag in the topic title, so any topic that is spoiler-related must be marked with "[SPOILER ]" at the beginning. These are the topics that would be considered Spoilers :

Having a topic about a certain galaxy, whether it is in World 6 (the last world) or not, is not considered a Spoiler and does not need the Spoiler mark in the topic. Any galaxy that is unlocked or obtained after the final boss and level  is considered a Spoiler. Topics about items, enemies, and certain characters also do not need he Spoiler Mark but Bosses do. If you have a spoiler in a topic that is not considered a spoiler topic (Ex. A post about getting a Cosmic Coin in a galaxy topic), you must use the Spoiler Tag (( on that peice of information.

The General SMG2 topic ( will remain in the Video Games board as a topic for those who do not have the game.

Please refrain from posting in topics that go a bit in depth into the game if you have not played it yet. We don't want post like "I like this galaxy and I can't wait to play it.".
Title: Re: SPOILER Rules (READ before POSTING)
Post by: SuperZambezi on June 02, 2010, 12:10:09 AM
Opening this up for debate. Should the spoilers be toned down a bit? Most topics are marked with Spoiler warnings and they kind of become useless. I still say only things that are final boss and after should be marked with spoiler. If there is a chance that there might be a spoiler in a non spoiler topic, that member should just use the spoiler tag.
Title: Re: SPOILER Rules (READ before POSTING)
Post by: Ryoux0 on June 02, 2010, 06:02:44 PM
Yeah it should probably tone it down a bit. It's been almost a week and if they don't find it here they'll find it on youtube. Only spoilers on the final boss and the stuff after it.