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Post by: foxmccloudVersion2 on February 06, 2010
Here's my Story.

Mario was taking a break in his house after his last adventure. Meanwhile, in outer space, Rosalina, the lumas, and many of Mario's other friends were planning a party; for Mario and his friends of course. Together, they created new mini-games, boards, and even new multiplayer modes. This party would be the best one yet!

The next day they invited Mario, Luigi, Peach, and a few others to their party. With invitation in hand, they blasted off into space, ready to party. Bowser wasn't invited, but this time, that detail's not important.

Up in space, though, their perfect party was turning into a nightmare. The koopalings (Wendy, Roy, Ludwig, Iggy, Lemmy, Larry, Morton, Bowser Jr.)
have taken over the party boards and are wreaking havoc on the other partygoers. To make things worse, some of Mario's greatest enemies have returned, and have stolen the Grand Stars, the main power source of Rosalina's Observatory. The blame gets put on Bowser once again, but this time, he's not the one to blame.

Unknown to everyone, Composer Koopa, a skeletal koopa literally covered in insruments, has been brainwashing the koopalings the other enemies into doing his dirty work. Nobody knows why, but he holds a serious grudge against Mario. It's now up to Mario and his friends to get back the grand stars, save this party, and save the day.