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Title: Unique Bosses
Post by: Zympherior on March 25, 2016
You know the unwritten rule of VGs. You play through levels, progress through the story (if it has one), go against a boss to see how much you've improved, and repeat. Bosses are supposed to be different from each other to test your different abilities, but sometimes, they differ too much from the rest. They are unique in their way, but that doesn't always mean something bad. This brings a question: Which bosses do you think are unique enough to be on their own category? Do you like fighting them or not?
(No Final Bosses, please!)

Some bosses that I find unique are Goht from TLoZ: MM, Twinmold from the same game, Stallord from TLoZ: TP, Brobot from SPM, the second-to-last Giant Battle in M&L: DT, and others come to mind, too.

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Title: Re: Unique Bosses
Post by: ttwashere on March 25, 2016
I thought one thing that Undertale did a magnificent job of was making sure each boss fight (and to a larger extent regular enemy encounters) felt unique. I'm always going to remember fighting Mettaton and the twists that fight took. I'm never going to forget the final boss fight, either. And then some of the regular enemies are just as memorable, like taking the trash off of the reindeer.

What a wonderful game.
Title: Re: Unique Bosses
Post by: Colyton on March 26, 2016
I was going to say the Shadow Queen from PM:TTYD, but then I saw no final bosses.... It's still unique, just had to say it as it is the first one that came to my mind. Also, most TTYD bosses are actually pretty unique, design wise and etc. I'm thinking about Smorg and Cortez here. (mostly)
Also, Mad Jack from DK64 was awesome. One of the best bosses in DK64 (actually my favorite) and part of it is due to how unique he is in the game.
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Title: Re: Unique Bosses
Post by: Kaede on April 11, 2016
The final boss from the first Kingdom Hearts game (World of Chaos) is the one I always remember the most. Most KH games already have unique aspects to their bosses (such as Oogie Boogie's roulette, fighting Jafar on the flying carpet, that annoying Ursula battle underwater, etc.) but the World of Chaos was not only a boss; it was an entire level. Defeating the various parts of that monstrosity just to get back to fighting Xehanort's Heartless was so satisfying, and while not too challenging was definitely intense (like going through the different pools of darkness to free Donald and Goofy).