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Title: Mario Galaxian (Fangame)
Post by: DiddyKongDerp on February 01, 2016
 I was kinda unsure about making this topic since I haven't SEEN any fan games in the fan content forums (Let alone the whole forums), was afraid of warning, and not exactly the best at taking criticism. But I decided that: 1.It'll be the first fangame ever to be posted here, 2.It's not stated in the rules that Fangames are banned...(Emulators are but this isn't a ROM hack or anything), 3. This isn't my's actually a friend's that asked me to post it here. So the criticism is going to him, not me. Although...since this site doesn't get much Fangame content, kinda worried I won't get the feedback my friend sent me to get...
    This game is a remake of an old, terrible fangame my friend made back in 2011. This game has (or will have) more characters, enemies, worlds and misc stuff than the original. It is as well currently active.
The original game (And the current Remake) are based on an old retro game called Galaxian.
Current Version: 1.1
Download Links: 1.1 (,1.0 (
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For: Current Version (1.1)
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ik topic is short, mainly because everything are in I'm not a fan of messy topics. (Obviously, this one is still messy in some areas)

Title: Re: Mario Galaxian (Fangame)
Post by: RafalRib on February 01, 2016
This game sounds great :D
Can't wait to get my hands on it!
Can't wait for Rosalina tho :P