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Title: Events
Post by: Yoshiman222 on March 22, 2015
There are a bunch of events that are randomly selected through a list. They typically will be seen at least once per game so probably a good idea to take a view huh?

Bowser Events (
Minigame Space Events (
Last Place Bonus Event (
Final 5 Turns Event (

Title: Bowser Events
Post by: Yoshiman222 on March 24, 2015
Bowser : BWAHAHAHA!!! Care to see what I like to do around these parts? If I ever catch you in any of the boards, I'll cause one of these fun-filled events to occur! I bet you'll enjoy them~

Bowser Bonus
My most favorite event - when this appears, I'll roll a die to see what the bonus is! I'll be taking away from 10 coins up to 50 coins, or even a star if I'm lucky! Heck - sometimes I might even take a little something from everyone else if I'm feeling generous!

Bowser Curse
Now this is a fun one - I throw out a curse to everyone on the entire board! These curses involve either slowing your movement, reversing your direction, or even a combination of the two! I can also hit you with a fun Shuffle Curse which will swap everyone's positions!

Bowser Minigame
Who loves minigames? I do, and that's what this is for - finally, I can join in the minigames with you guys! And if I beat anyone, I'll take away your coins/items/stars from you! Hope you're good at minigames, because I'm going to be trying my best as well!

Bowser Giveaways
Gifts are fun! As such, I'll give you one item from MY OWN PERSONAL STORE! ( Get amazing items such as this deluxe Bowser Phone, or the even more amazing Bowser Bomb! Free of Charge! I'm so generous I know.

Bowser Revolution
Nobody like an unfair game! And that's where I come in! In an attempt to make everything the same, I'll take away everyone's coins and distribute them evenly amongst you all! Everyone will have the same coin totals! It's REVOLUTIONARY! Too bad I can't do the same for the stars though...

Bowser's Pity
...this isn't on the list of events, but if I see someone who's dirt poor, I... tend to be a nice guy about it and just lend them a bunch of coins from me. Don't tell anyone I told you this!
Title: Minigame Space Events
Post by: Yoshiman222 on March 24, 2015
Landing on the Minigame Space causes a minigame event to occur! Get ready to play a minigame!

Single Player
A solo game featuring you and only you! The entire thing will take place in PM form, so check that inbox for any messages from me! Prizes can also be given out to other players if you're not careful though!

Chance Time!
Who loves a little Chance? Well with this, you become chance itself and you take aboard a dice-block game where anything could occur! Could players be swapping stars? Could coins be handed over? It's all up to you!

Duel any player of your choice for stakes of coins or stars! The choice is yours, and if you're willing to, you can even put up just your own coins against someone's star! Just make sure you win though!

The stakes are higher here - coins will be taken from everyone and put together in the ultimate minigame battle! As a bonus, you'll be able to pick which minigame you and your rivals will be going up against, so pick something you're good at!

Remeber how these appear every 5 turns? Well, this event allows you to play one early! And what's better, regardless of places, you'll be teh one selecting the minigame for you all to play! How fun!
Title: Last Place Bonus Event
Post by: Yoshiman222 on March 24, 2015
When the last 5 turns occur - a good number of events occur! One of these is a bonus to the player in last place, giving them one final shot at catching up to everyone else ahead of them!
40 Coin Bonus
A lot of coins can take a player a long ways. Hopefully getting 40 coins for free will give you just what you needed!

Coins from Others
Others about to get something good with their coins? Why not take some of that away from them! In Free-For-All games, your opponents will lose 10 coins each! In Team games, the opposing team will simply lose 30 coins! No matter the outcome, you'll be getting those 30 coins for yourself afterwards!

Powerful Items
Items are known for being big game-changers, so why not just take some of the most powerful items out there to help you along the way? Up to 3 high-priced items can be given out to you! Just make sure you have room for them, okay?

5 Free Places
No time to place all those orbs around? Let me do that for you! With this, 5 random spaces will suddenly become yours! What orbs these are will remain a mystery, sadly, but hey - they're bound to be useful as long as they're yours!

Free Star!
These ARE needed to win, correct? Why not just have one for free - on me! Of course, on a certain board instead you'll gain 30 coins to directly invest anywhere, but it's still enough, right?
Title: Final 5 Turns Event
Post by: Yoshiman222 on March 24, 2015
When the last 5 turns occur - a good number of events occur! Only one of these will occur, but can really spice things up as things come to a close!
Spaces x2 Coins
The classic event of all Mario Party's - Blue spaces will give more coins and Red spaces will take more coins! Character spaces also give more to their owners as well on top of that!

Coins on Every Space
A coin will appear on every space throughout the board, and each can be picked up by just passing said space! A coin bag worth 5 coins is also placed on each of the red spaces - so keep an eye out for those!

Star Clearance
Get stars easier for a reduced price! On most boards, stars have their prices reduced from the typical 20 to now just being 5 coins each! Of course - not all boards have stars - so instead the price of Treasure chests gets reduced to 3 coins each, and invested coins are instead worth double their value, meaning for every coin deposited, another coin will be put in your name!

Bowser's Final 5
Love playing with Bowser? Well now he joins the party with you guys! Bowser will move, collect items, and act as he normally does as if the Bowser Bomb is in effect for the remainder of the game! He only gets 1 die a turn, but still, just passing him can cause a Bowser Event to occur!

Random Events!
What's going to happen? Who knows - that's the beauty of this event! ? spaces can randomly occur, players can gain random dice blocks on their rolls, the star can duplicate, all prices can adjust - anything's on the table with this! Be ready for anything to occur!