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Title: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Spongyoshi on July 17, 2014
Hello everybody!  ^-^
I wanted to make this to ask everybody,what ideas you would like to see in this game?  :P
Here's my idea for the menu for settings.
You could pick the lenght of a board (Short = only 1 boss Medium = Mid-boss & Boss & Long 2 Mid-Boss & 1 Boss)
For the minigames, All would be all minigames Easy would be a set with the easiers minigame (the familial set if you want) Skill would be the harder minigame without any luck minigame (The best for good players) and Reflexion would be the minigames about paying attention and thinking. Finally,custom would be like Mario Party 4 custom set
Finally,you can choose how the game should be. Normal would be a classic game, Calm would have less Bowser spaces and less mini stars and Zstars in the board and frenzy would have a lot of Bowser spaces,more ministars and Zstars in the board

I've also been thinking about the mini stars you could get in minigames  :P

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

And finally,i've been thinking about the battle space! I think it should be cool to have a "sort-of wheel" who set the bet for the minigame.

For Hammer Brother,the wheel set how much Mini Stars will be taken from the players:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

For Fire Bro,the number on the wheel set the number of ministars taken to the player in last position:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

And finally,a new idea of mine,the Boomeran Brother! He takes a total of ministars depending of the wheel from the players in third and last places to the ones in first and second place! :

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Phew,finally over  :P
Hope you like my ideas and tell me what you think of them!
If you have some ideas too,tell me!  ;D
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: SuperZambezi on July 17, 2014
Use the Direct URL for images - the ones in the post are just links.

Reflction minigames would be an interesting option.

I like the idea of the Boomerang brother - makes losing that much more painful.

Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Dark Boo on July 17, 2014
Paste my MPFS w/ the dice blocks here
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Spongyoshi on July 17, 2014
I've edited it!  ;D
Thanks for your feedback!
And Dark Boo,i agree,should be nice to get to choose your dice block like in MPIT!  :P
I've also added spoiler to not do an HUGE post
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Dark Boo on July 17, 2014
Link b/c I was lazy: (

I don't mind carrying 2 dice blocks but make the dice blocks interesting then I'm all set truth be told
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Spongyoshi on July 17, 2014
For me,there should be able to get 3 items and not only dice  :P
Would be perfect for me!  ^-^
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Spongyoshi on July 20, 2014
I've been thinking about the item  ::)
I think that would be great to get 2 kinds of items,Mushrooms and Dices  :P
Here are my ideas for the Mushrooms  ;D
You could use them separatly of dices and bonus dices witch means you can combine a mushroom and a bonus dice!  ;D

Name: Double Mushroom
Effect: Double your next throw

Name: Triple Mushroom
Effect: Triple your next throw

Name: Poison Mushroom
Effect: Skip a turn to the character of your choice (can even be you)

Name: Reverse Mushroom
Effect: Will go backward the next turn to the character of your choice (can even be you)

Name: Disable Mushroom
Effect: All players cannot use items or normal dice for the next turn (you can choose bettween the 2 options)

Name: Life Mushroom
Effect: The next item an opponement use on you is cancelled (Is making invisible after obtained)

Name: Game Mushroom
Effect: The ammount of ministars you win/loose in the next minigame is doubled

Name: Golden Mushroom
Effect: Double the ammount of ministars you win/loose in your next turn

Name: Boo Mushroom
Effect: Stole an random item to the opponement of your choice

Name: Chaos Mushroom
Effect: Change the order and swap all items

Tell me what you think about all theses items,thanks!  ;D

Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: TwoDreamy Luigi on July 20, 2014
Since Mario Party 10's gonna use the "party-bus" (or car, you choose) system, many people lost their hopes for this MP10. However, ND Cube has plenty, I repeat, plenty of time to balance the gameplay mechanics. If they screw it up (not saying they are, I'm optimistic), then they're just plain LAZY. Anyway, here are my thoughts of what Mario Party 10 should implement and what it should remove. Hope my idea(s) seem reasonable:

#1. Items & obstacles. The items should make a comeback. MP9 had only 5 items, 5 ITEMS. How is that ok, IDK; but, that's a really big missed opportunity. You couldn't even help yourself out of the most unfair & cheap situations in MP9, such as losing HALF OF YOUR MINI_STARS. Let me just tell you right now, losing half of your mini-stars is so cheap & unfair it's not even funny. There should be items that give you prevention of those cheap hazards and mini-Ztars. A Plus Dice Blocks would be nice so we are not always stuck to quantities of 1 to 6. Add some items that ACTUALLY help you thru dire situations. Come on, have some variety, like Invisible Dice Blocks could allow you to skip Mini-Ztars. Items suppose to help the player, not lessen probability. I could save myself from the multiple cheap hazards Boo's Horror Castle had to offer (and also in some boards); the hazards (Boos) appear too early that it makes me feel like ND Cube forgot to make this fair to the player. I don't mind obstacles in a Mario Party game; ND Cube, just make sure the obstacles aren't punishing to the player.          ;) --Take Notes ND Cube--  ;)

#2. Boss Minigames. In Mario Party 9, most of the Boss Minigames are well-designed & fun. I had no argument there; however, there are 4 bosses that really piss me off (Whomp, King Bob-omb, Bowser Jr., Bowser). The reason why I don't like these boss minigames is because they involve too much luck. Bowser Jr. is purely luck (first of all, who thought that was a good idea, I mean seriously). Whomp Stomp does involve little thinking if you overlook it, but it's a luck based minigame; you have no idea what the CPUs going to do. Same thing goes for King Bob-omb, I swear when I play with 1 or 2 CPUs, he takes the bob-omb that I'm trying to get (even if it's small); he frustrates me. Bowser does involve skill.........when it comes to dodging his fireballs & his minions' attacks; however, picking up a Dice Blocks is random. I wish it would just land on my face. What I'm basically saying here is that there should not be any luck-based Boss Minigames. They're too important to Solo Mode & it's just too frustrating to beat them all because luck doesn't go on your side. That ends my rant. Petey Piranha is a great boss to add to this game. Chain Chomp, King Boo, & Dry Bowser can be boss battles. If I had to add some more bosses to the list, I would put Gooper Blooper, Dragoneel, Boom Boom, Pom Pom, & Hisstocrat. Dragoneel looks elongated enough to be a boss. Gooper Blooper is an iconic boss, along with Boom Boom.

#3.Board Maps. I find the amusement park to be quite amazing. There's a lot of references to Super Mario 3D World & New Super Mario Bros U. I like the vibrant graphics of the board and I'm curious of how it plays out. This might sound redundant, but there should be a beach/tropical board. Baby Dragoneels, Dolphins, Cheep Cheeps, & Bloopers will appear; also, it should be like Sparkling Waters. Just imagine how BEAUTIFUL it would look like. I wouldn't mind having a space-like board. I thought Bowser's Warped Orbit looked gorgeous & epic, especially the music. Mario Party 9 had a space board called Bowser Station, but I'm just not fond of that stage to begin with. Make it like how MK8 Rainbow Road did. Have some Rainbow Road references to bring some nostalgia to the game & you got yourself a beautiful space board. I loved Soda Jungle from New Super Mario Bros. U because of how green it is & just how jungly it is. I'm a huge fan of jungle/forest and beach stages. Have Donkey Kong & his crew appear in a Soda Jungle-esque game board. That would be juicy.

#4a. Captain Events (presumably). The Captain Events in MP9 were SO luck-based I just didn't care for them. You just can't handle the amount of luck it offers. From what I see, some of them have you actually do the Captain Events without using Dice Blocks. Having you jump for Mini-Stars maybe very simple, but hey, it's better than hitting Dice Blocks and not gaining Mini-Stars b/c of some bad luck. If there's gonna be a board based on Soda Jungle, it would be funny if Mario & company could shake a soda can during the captain event and whoever shakes the soda can the most earn more Mini-Stars. LOL, that's creativity in a Koopa Shell right there. Have Mario & company break rock-candy in Rock-Candy Mines with pick-axes. Sweet victory!  ;D ;D ;D

#4b. Roadblocks. This is going to be short. Granted there are some boards that have roadblocks, but I'm just going to focus on one board for now. In Mario Party: Island Tour, there's a Thwomp way early in Perilous Palace Path that's guarding in your way to the next section. After I get in 1st in the first minigame, I roll a big number (let's say 9) and I meet Thwomp. This is where it gets unnecessary; I have to choose one of the three colored switches. I pick one and the drawbridge draws slightly down and all of a sudden, it raises up and plus, the Thwomp squishes me. This is highly unnecessary b/c it's luck-based and it breaks the pace for me. ND Cube shouldn't have added a roadblock this dang early. Just either have only one roadblock at the very END of the board or remove it entirely. Like I said, it's too luck-based & a pacebreaker for me. I just want to continue, I'm not asking much.  :'(
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Spongyoshi on July 21, 2014
I agree for what you said! I think instead of taking Half of your Mini Stars,they should only take like 1/3 that would be more fair but still punitive  :P
And the Captain Event are SOOOO much luck based  :o The attractions is a way more better idea  ^-^
It's not really luck-based and is way better!  :P And if there is some Captain Events,they should be more about Strategy than Luck
Also,i've been thinking,that would be really cool to make a vote with all players to pick the Battle minigame like MP5 to 7 done it  ^-^
Hope they also don't do the same mistakes than MPIT. Making the board really too unfair and forgetting the minigame mode (because MP9's minigame mode was awesome!)
I don't think they would be a lot of Roadblocks in MP10 i think  by the way  :D
And thanks for telling your ideas,it's nice  ^-^ Would love to see a "Casino-like" board like in Shy Guy Shuffle City or Neon Height!
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: TwoDreamy Luigi on July 21, 2014
I agree, I would love to see a casino-like board. Neon Heights was one of my favorite boards. The music for that board was awesome. Thanks for understanding, Spongyoshi.  :D
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Spongyoshi on July 21, 2014
My favorite board always been Bowser Pinball  ;D
Dunno why,i just love it!  :P
And no problem! I love to talk about cool stuff  ;)
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Yoshiman222 on July 26, 2014
Here's an idea for a Minigame Mode because why not -
Bowser's Pit of Doom!

This game mode supports 5 players in a Free-For-All setting.
All players must choose from the Mario Party Characters.
You will then be able to choose the starting live of everyone being from 5, 10, or 15 lives.

After starting, everyone falls into a Giant Pit, with Bowser sitting above with a Golden Gamepad beside him, introducing the game mode.
Players will then randomly be sorted out, one player with the gamepad, the rest with Wii Remotes. The Gamepad Player gets brought up to Bowser to hold the Golden Gamepad, and then Bowser hops into the pit with the other 4 players, where a Bowser Minigame begins, the player with the Gamepad playing as Bowser instead.

After completion of the minigame, Bowser will snap his fingers or something and the player up top falls into the pit while another player jumps up to the Gamepad, thus starting another Bowser Minigame with the new player playing as Bowser instead.

Controllers will get passed around as such -
Gamepad > P1 > P2 > P3 > P4 > Gamepad
Meaning - if you're P1 on the Wii remote, you're going to play as Bowser in the next minigame, giving your remote to the person with the P2 remote.

Once a player runs out of lives in the minigames, they are removed from the actual game, replaced by a Mecha-Koopa with an image of them on it instead. Eliminated players will not be able to participate in Bowser Minigames unless their Mecha-Koopa goes up to the Golden Gamepad for them to play as Bowser.
Last player standing wins! Places are determined by when you get eliminated from the game.

Please give feedback on this because I want to know if anyone likes the idea or not. :P

Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Nix on July 27, 2014
I wouldn't be surprised if something like Bowser's Pit of Doom! would be in the actual game. It justs seems like something that'll be in the game, although it'll probably be stylized different.
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Spongyoshi on July 27, 2014
I agree,theses are great ideas  :P
For the second one in spoiler... I dunno for you,but for me Bowser Party would be like that.
Not only to get all players to the end but also to be the one with the most hearts remaining!
It could be good they use this idea like "Should i kill this player to show how good i am or let him survive to help the team?"
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: HerbertMcHoover on July 30, 2014
Just my totally unrealistic dreams before the game was even announced: (

No way that will ever happen.  :-D :-D :-D :-D :-\ :'(
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Spongyoshi on July 30, 2014
Woah nice  :P
But yeah,it's not going to happens sadly...
Also,i've been thinking... What about if the Team Mode come back! That would be great!  ^-^
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Super Mario Gamer(95) on August 04, 2014
I think they should do something similar to what Mario kart 8 has where you can turn off and on certain items, and other stuff,
but what would be cool is if they wanted to win all the Mario party fans they could make an option board where u could mix up the board where if u wanted The Classic Mario Party Play style you would turn on options stars and coins or you could just play with coins or just with stars.

Now if you wanted to play with the Mario Party 9 or island tour options you could turn those on and play with those styles I think Nintendo should do that and it would be a win for everybody.
Title: Re: Yours ideas for the game!
Post by: Spongyoshi on August 04, 2014
The first idea sounds really great! I totally agree with!
The second won would be really good! Because even if i like the old system,im happy to see a brand new system also and i agree it would be good for everybody!
But,that would mean both of the gameplays would be simplified i think  :mute: (or we would get less content/board)