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Title: Special Minigames
Post by: Yoshiman222 on April 06, 2013
This is all just to explain what the whole concept of the "special minigames" are and what they do.

"Special Minigames" are any kind of regular minigame (4-player, 1vs3, or 2vs2) in which have different rewards depending on where you place.
They occur either around every 5 turns (excluding the time when it's the final 5 turns), or can be brought up from the Minigame Space.
The minigames for this mode are always chosen by the player in last (or the player who started the minigame if from a Minigame Space) out of 3-5 choices.

Before starting, you'll be shown what the prize for this game for each individual place.
Below are a list of prizes and events that can be awarded for each game. Only 1 option will be chosen for either of the lists most of the time, however, sometimes 1 option from each list will be chosen instead to make things interesting.

#1 - Prizes

#2 - Places