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Description: Ah, the wintry paths of the Shiver Blossom Shore. A perilous path said to curse those who dare to travel this road, but anyone who manages to reach the lake would be granted the power of the Stars... and then some. I guess that's what made Bowser rent that cabin up there...

This board is modeled after boards such as Mario's Rainbow Castle, Pagoda Peak, and Castaway Bay, where the players must follow a mostly linear path in order to reach the Star which is always located at the end. However, unlike the former 3, this board takes a new twist, by providing 8 different paths for the player to take at the end. Each path will grant the player with a blessing, or a curse.

The effects of each path, Happening Spaces, and Board Events will be explained below, if you'd like to go into the board blind, please ignore the spoiler tagged area.

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Bugs & Glitches:
Due to the complexity of the events on this board, custom AI was created to handle decision-making on the events. This means there is possibility for the AI to behave in strange ways. Also, the AI does not know how to interact with the 8-way path split at the top, meaning the chance that they take the Star's path is 12.5%.

Final Words: I will be updating this board for balancing purposes (if necessary) and also aesthetics. If you have any suggestions, do feel free to message me. Also, if you find any glitches or bugs, report them to me so I can get them fixed.

Version 1.3 changes:
  • Fixed a bug where CPUs would find themselves on an infinite loop on the 2 board event prompts. The AI should now eventually escape the loop.
  • Fixed the Merged Path Reverse bug, where if a player lands on a space that is the merge between 2 paths while in reverse, and then they move in reverse again, the game warps the player to START. If this scenario happens, the player will move along the 'main path' of the board.
Credits (These Discord users were a great help developing this board. Thank you!):
  • Sly (Board Play Balance/Beta Testing)
  • Light Elementa (Board Play Balance/Beta Testing)
  • PartyPlanner64 (Board Event Coding)
  • gamemasterplc (Board Event Coding)
  • TNTBlowzUp (Board Art Assets)
  • Brady & Reed (Beta Testers)

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