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Description: Here it is the first board I made and the one that took me the most time!  ;D
I edited the whole board from Mario Party Advance to be playable in 4 players form!
Since the board is pretty huge, you'll have to use mushroom spaces and pathways strategically  :P
However, besides the space miss-align, the board have a big issue, it is BIG so the ROM will lag and will work only if you put PP64 in high priority.
Also, the IA sucks, as always  :( Still hope you'll enjoy this board anyway!  :-D
More Infos:
Toad Houses are star locations
Koopa Bank is where Koopa Troopa is located
Bowser Logo is where Bowser is located
The Graveyard is where Boos are located
The casino start a chance time if you fall on his space
Chomp start an stealing event if you fall on his space
The Treasure Chest gives you coins and Bob-Omb takes you coins
Balloon Stands start Chance Time event when you pass on his space

Posted by: Spongyoshi November 14, 2016, 08:27:17 AM

Rating: **** by 1 members.

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