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Description: "Welcome, folks, one and all, to my spectacular paper crafted casino!" That's right! The guy who always turns the game around now has his own board for you to play on. :shyguy:

This board took me weeks to create! It was crafted by hand especially for your enjoyment! With paper, each piece was carefully cut and placed to build my unique Mario Party board. My first of more to come. While building this board, not only did I enjoy making it, but I also learned a lot as well. Have fun and may the best player win! :D

Contest description:
This board is made for the Custom Mario Party Board contest #4. As you may expect, the theme of the board is based on the man of luck, Game Guy!  Throughout the map of paper and crafts, you will see Game Guy's signature trinkets. Such as the Chain Chomps from Game Guy's Sweet Surprise. There are also slots and other casino related stuff to keep a casino like vibe to the board.

Layout and Main events:
You start off on the star on the top middle section of the board to then immediately travel to the roulette table (that contains a shop). From there, you can choose to go to the left side or right side of the board (each path having a bank). On each side, there is another junction leading to another 2 paths each. Each path being unique in some way.
  • (Left side, Up) Has three item spaces. If your looking for some free items, this is the way to go!
  • (Left side, Right) Contains a slot machine that gives 1-5 coins when passing it.
  • (Right side, Up) Home to Game Guy's Lucky Chests! Passing them will let you choose if you would like to participate in the event (Choose Up to do so, Right if not). Triggering the event will allow you to choose between the left and the right chest. One contains 20 coins, and the other will make you loose 15 coins. These chests are swapped at random.
  • (Right side, left) Home to Boo! Watch out, though. As this path can be dangerous. It contains 2 Game Guy spaces, 1 battle, and one chance time!
You will soon reach the top circle part of the board surrounding start. You can choose to pass through the key gate or continue on with the board. Passing the key gate lets you meet with Game Guy himself. Giving you a lucky charm. After all that is done, its time to loop the board again!

  • Slot Machines- Every happening space next to a slot machine (excluding the mega slot) preforms the following event. The player is granted 1-5 coins. Instead of the usual 3 from a blue space.

Future Changes:
I plan on soon making the 7 steps, from Game Guy's Lucky 7s, playable on the board. It was planned to be an item mini-game on the board itself instead of the 3 item spaces. The 3 Item spaces were meant to be happening spaces, which if landed on, would teleport you next to the 7 steps. The next turn, the player would role there normal die, and what ever space they landed on, they would receive the item that was presented on that step. If they got over 7, they would receive nothing. After that, they would teleport right back to the main board and continue as normal the next turn.
There was an issue with the game teleporting players that never landed on the happening space, so it had to be removed. I plan to re-implement this when I get it fixed. In the mean time, enjoy the item spaces! :-D

All of the custom events were originally made by Airsola™ and modified by me.
Thanks Airsola™! Couldn't have done it without your scripts! ;)
Posted by: Mr. Star September 22, 2019

Rating: ***** by 2 members.
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Shy Guy

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February 29, 2020
Amazing design, good level (though I think the chests on the top right should have a better payout as going there means avoiding Boo. Maybe 20 to -10, or 30 to -15).

Speaking of which, the event itself doesn't actually work on my ever drive. It crashed 3 out of 3 times. Once normally, once with a mushroom and once with a golden mushroom. Was this event actually working at any point?

I really hope you work on this, can't wait to an the full board when the top left is done too!
Fan of Mario Parties,other games and Cartoons. I love both the New & Old games!!
PP64 Savant

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November 28, 2019
This board's selling point is definitely it's aesthetics! The crafted look is amazing and give it an unique flair!
The board's design is pretty simple & short, reminds me of a duel map in some ways, but not in a bad way!
The gimmicks are pretty tame and simple to understand and it makes for a very easy board to understand with still it's own little quirks!
However I also want to tell that the path to Game Guy can be abused with Reverse Mushroom and you can easily get 3 free Game Guy coins with it which makes the board WAY too chaotic in my opinion...
But I'm definitely looking forward to a future version that patches this out and adds the Lucky 7 event in!

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