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Description: (Submission for Custom Board Contest #4, themed after Luigi)

Hidden deep in the darkest, deepest core of Luigi's mind is the all consuming void of his past, present, and future. The void manifests as a nightmare to torture those unfortunate enough to get trapped inside of it.

Luigi's Void is a joke board focusing around a ton of well known or even obscure jokes and images revolving around Luigi. The board graphics were a collaboration effort between some friends, as a result several inside jokes made their way into it. Hopefully, even without knowing the context, this board can still be entertaining to play and observe.

Happening Events:

- Mario Vortex: The happening spaces that surround the Mario Vortex have a 25% chance of warping the player back to start, a 25% chance of warping the player to the roof of the mansion, and a 50% chance of nothing happening.
- Rock Luigi's Gift: The happening space next to Rock Luigi will have him reward you with a Skeleton Key. If your inventory is full, he will be sad.
- Luigi's Request: The happening space on the roof of the mansion will have the true Luigi compel all players to purchase a Skeleton Key for 5 coins. Players who cannot afford it or lack inventory space will be exempted from participating in this event.
- Yoda's Plea: The two happening spaces beneath Yoda will force the player to listen to him rant about his crippling loneliness. This does nothing but waste everyone's time, at least it still counts towards the Happening Star.

Board Events:

- Luigi's Mood Swings: Every two turns the Luigi guarding the Luiginary path will change his mood. When he is happy, you will be able to cross freely. When he is angry, choosing to take the path will have the character decide to retreat back the way they came. The game always starts with Luigi being happy. Remember to check the current turn, if it is an even number that means Luigi's mood will swap the next turn.
- Wario's Toll: The shortcut through Mario Vortex has a Bank that you cannot land on, forcing you to pay up to 5 coins should you want to pass.
- Unfortunate Start: A Bowser space is right in front of the start, be careful not to roll a 1 at the beginning of the game. Though, don't be surprised if something special happens if you do...

Misc Events/Bug Fixes:

- Move to Main Chain from Independent Chain: Chain of spaces that are separate from the main board (in this case, the start space and the warp location for the Mario Vortex happening) are coded to move the player onto the main chain. This prevents the game from allowing you to go into these paths from the main chain when going backwards.
- Fix Previous Space being from Independent Chain: When moving to the main chain from an independent chain, if you landed on the first space in the main chain, the game will save the previous chain/space index to be from the independent chain. To prevent the player from retreating back into this path using the Reverse Mushroom/Curse, the game sets the previous chain/space index to be the correct space on the main chain.
- Fix Ambiguous Previous Space on Merge: A space that has multiple points of entry is considered a merge space. These spaces are treated as junctions if the player is under the effect of the Reverse Mushroom/Curse. Triggering a Reverse Mushroom/Curse on the merge space will not have the game bring up a junction and will instead have the player go back the path they arrived from. Should the player be moving backwards and land on a merge space, the path they arrived from is actually the path forward, meaning the game doesn't know what to set as the previous chain/space index. An event is used on each merge space to fix this issue such that when it is ambiguous where the player came from, it will set the previous chain/space to be what I considered the most appropriate path.
- Fix Backwards Status Flag when moving from Independent Chain: A consequence of having the player move to the main chain from an independent chain is that if the player triggers a Reverse Mushroom/Curse, they will move forwards into the path while the status flag is considering them as moving backwards through it. When they reach the space on the main chain, the game won't know where to go since if the player is moving backwards into it then the expected behavior is to prompt a junction, which fails to happen. The band-aid fix to this is to set the bit on the status flag that indicates the player is moving backwards to be off, making the player move forward on the main chain path (though they will still be under the effects of the Reverse Mushroom/Curse should they interact with any junctions/merges from there).

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December 01, 2019
Really good and sometimes hilarious board with several creative events & path layout!
The board is rather big, slighty bigger than most MP3 boards so don't expect many stars per game.
I personally prefer smaller boards but this is still a great board worth checking!

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