Toad's Mushroom Manic V2


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Description: Toad has decided to invite the cast of Mario Party to his Game Show, Mushroom Manic . The game show is full of trivia and random events to keep players on their toes.

V2 Changes- Added more paths, added Skeleton Key gates, changed some Trivia Questions, Fixed Boo, Fixed Bank, Changed Background
V3 Changes- Replaced icons with more modern looking ones. Rotated icons to face screen like most other Mario Party boards

I will continue to update my board based on community feedback. The V1 board is for the Custom Board Contest of September 2019[b/]
Posted by: Eshy April 01, 2020

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Shy Guy

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March 24, 2020
Thanks for your feedback, your comments helped shape the changes made in V2. I hope you enjoy the new version!
Fan of Mario Parties,other games and Cartoons. I love both the New & Old games!!
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It's Show Time!

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December 01, 2019
This board feels kind of unfinished. The background feels a bit empty, Boo doesn't even work, the banks are weird and the custom events feel rather random.
And that's a shame because the core idea is pretty interesting! A sort of linear stage that isn't and feels like a more fun take on Bowser's Magma Mountain! And the length seems ideal for that sort of board!
In a future release, I would first suggest adding more scenery. I honestly like how you use spotlight to light up the board and other things but we could see still the silhouette of some of the furniture or maybe even of the public? Maybe you could even add for example some "Quiz Toad" close to the happening spaces offering a trivia quiz for example?
Speaking of happening spaces, it would be cool to have them themed more around Toad. Maybe the quiz could ask questions about Toad or maybe the items given could only be mushrooms? Maybe even make the bank or Boo an happening space instead so how they work in this board would make more sense? Also, there should be a way to make the skeleton key useful, either with a gate or custom event.
One thing tho, even if it feels incomplete now, it has potential and I'm looking forward to a future release that flesh out this board because it would deserve it!

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