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Description: "Carnival tickets and merry mayhem." King Boo brings the party to his long-awaited festival of fun!

This was originally a submission to Custom Board Contest #4! It features a character theming (King Boo and Boos) and plenty of custom events.

First, the main gimmick: it's a carnival, so you just have to collect carnival tickets, right? Well, the paper tickets didn't arrive in time, so the Boos have opted to use Skeleton Keys instead. That's right, you can collect Skeleton Keys to trade them at...

The Prize Exchange! Just a couple steps away from the entrance, here you can trade in your Skeleton Key(s) for differing prizes! As indicated on the signpost next to it, 1 ticket = 10 coins, 2 tickets = 2 Golden Mushrooms, and 3 tickets = 1 Star! Indeed, here in the carnival, you can trade items for a Star!

There are many ways to obtain Skeleton Keys:

Ticket Booth: When you enter the carnival gates, ten coins will be forcefully taken by the ticket booth Boo and exchanged for a carnival ticket, a Skeleton Key. (As a note, he will not give you another one if you already have one.) Luckily, if you want your money back, the Prize Exchange is mere steps away.

Capsule Machine: The giant Boo capsule machine in the middle of the board costs 5 coins to operate. There are a huge variety of outcomes: coins, items, one of six "nothing" messages, and, in the last 5 turns, even a Star! The odds of receiving any outcome are determined by your placement, so this is especially helpful for last place!

Teacup Ride: The Swirling Boo Buddies ride costs 5 coins to play, and if you pick the right teacup to ride in, you can get an item! If not, it's still a nice shortcut. You have equal chances of receiving nothing, a 5-coin item not available in the shop, or a 10-coin item available in the shop. However, the precise odds of receiving a particular item are determined by your placement as well. (Note: If you enter this ride while in reverse, you will exit back onto the main path in reverse!)

Trivia Quiz: King Boo's Fear House is located at the top of the board. King Boo oversees the entire carnival from his balcony...even if you can't see him during gameplay. Regardless, passing here will allow you to pay 5 coins to answer a trivia question about Boos. If you're right, you get a Skeleton Key! If you're wrong, you lose another 5 coins. After getting the right answer, if you still have enough coins, you can answer up to two more questions to earn even more coins! However, get one wrong, and your penalty will be larger, too. Each round of questions has a different theme: first, about Boos generally in Mario games; second, about Boos in Mario Party games; and third, about Boos in specific Mario games. Can you answer them all correctly?

Strength Test: The Happening Spaces next to the capsule machine will allow you to participate in the strength test. When the message appears, quickly press either A or B (depending on the message) and charge up energy for a powerful smack. If you pressed enough times, you can win one of three prize tiers: up to three Skeleton Keys and many coins too!

Shady Boo: The Happening Space near that shady-looking Boo will give you a free Skeleton Key (or coins if your inventory is full).

There are many other events revolving around items on this board. Continuing on with these...

Item Shop: The shops offer a unique item selection, and are currently operated by Boos. The items for sale include:
  • Mushrooms
  • Plunder Chests (good for stealing Skeleton Keys!)
  • Dueling Gloves
  • Golden Mushrooms (Poison Mushrooms instead for 1st place)
  • Boo Bells (this is Boo haven after all!)
  • Bowser Suits
  • Magic Lamps (Lucky Lamps instead for 1st place)
  • Item Bags

Item Bags have a chance to contain the following items:
  • Mushroom
  • Skeleton Key (valuable!)
  • Poison Mushroom
  • Cellular Shopper (helpful!)
  • Lucky Lamp
  • Golden Mushroom
  • Boo Repellant (rare!)
  • Magic Lamp
  • Koopa Kard (rare!)
  • Lucky Charm (rare!)
(Well, there are still regular Item Spaces around the carnival grounds, so take advantage of the hard-to-get items available in these "carnival minigames"!)

Concession Stand: The Pink Boo vendor will sell one of the four Mushroom items at random, but the price is always 5 coins! What a steal.

Lady Bow: Upon visiting Lady Bow, pay 10 coins and she will remove one Skeleton Key from each opponent!

Magic Show: Here, you can watch either Kamek's Coin Conjuring or Boo's Whimsical Wizardry to modify one of your items. However, each has a chance of misfire.
  • Kamek's Coin Conjuring: Turn an item into double the coins of its normal value! Or, if it fails, into about half instead. The chance of failure increases if you're in a higher placement and if you use a more expensive item.
  • Boo's Whimsical Wizardry: Turn an item into a higher-value item! Or, if it fails, into a lower-value item instead. The chance of failure increases if you're in a higher placement and if you use a more valuable item.

Boo Bellhouse: Landing at the house shaped like a Boo Bell will have the proprietor offer you a nice Boo Bell!

Peepa Bellhouse: Landing at the house shaped like a Peepa Bell will have them let you in on their plan to rebel against the Boos, gifting you a Boo Repellant!

The Skeleton Gate leads to outside the carnival grounds. Here, you can find Boo, a variety of high-risk spaces, and two Happening Space events:

Boo Brothers Curse: Give an item to the Boo Brothers, and they will amplify its negative energy to cast a curse that will afflict all opponents! There are a variety of outcomes, ranging from making them lose coins, lose items, swap spaces, restricted in dice roll, unable to use an item, and more! Maybe just don't consider giving them Boo Repellant...?

Peek-a-Boo: Boolock Holmes is on the case, and he's asking for your help finding a particular Boo from the board's background. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for those guys!

To my knowledge, all issues with events have been debugged. I'd also like to give thanks to Airsola and Rain for assisting in buggy code and providing the coding basis for many of the custom events, in particular a special shoutout to Rain for sharing his "GetRand" function. Special thanks are also in order for Spongyoshi, FixedFun, and Shadic64 for helping with playtesting and re-balancing. Finally, I'd like to thank FixedFun again for sharing his high-resolution art assets of the item shop and Koopa bank. If you find any issues, do not hesitate to let me know! Many thanks!

EDIT (v3):
-Adjusted the path layout and re-balanced space distributions.
-Added to the board background art, including adding spots for Millennium Star to indicate the Star Spawns.
-Recreated every event from scratch to account for more optimal coding.
-Prize Exchange: Trading 2 Skeleton Keys now gives 2 Golden Mushrooms instead of one.
-Capsule Machine: Many new outcomes were added and are now placement-tiered.
-Teacups: Can now receive items other than Skeleton Keys.
-Item Shop: Item availability now changed when the player is in 1st place, item bag items and odds were adjusted.
-Trivia Quiz: Adjusted the pricing and added new rounds and questions.
-Concession Stand: Odds of the mushrooms being sold are now placement-tiered.
-Free Skeleton Key: Reworked into the "Shady Boo" event, can now give coins if the player has a full inventory.
-Magic Show: Kamek and Boo now have a chance of failing their spell, the player is forced to give up an item, Kamek now converts items into coins based on their price value, Boo now converts items based on their value, odds of a spell failing are based on placement and item value.
-Boo Brothers: Overhauled to now curse opponents when given an item.
-Added the "Strength Test", "Peepa Bellhouse", "Lady Bow", and "Peek-a-Boo" events.

EDIT (v2.6):
-Adjusted the location and number of Star spawns from 8 to 7.
-Fixed a reverse issue.

EDIT (v2.5):
-Events now rotate the player so they face an appropriate direction during the event.
-"Prize Exchange" now includes proper "Star Get" music and animation.

EDIT (v2.4):
-"Prize Exchange" and "Item Shop" events now include AI logic: in general, CPUs will now consider all the options that they can afford, including exiting. If a CPU has 3 Skeleton Keys, they will trade them for a Star.
-"Concession Stand" is now closed on the last turn.
-"Teacup Ride" can no longer be entered from the exit. When entered in reverse, the event now proceeds properly.

EDIT (v2.3):
-Events now include player animations and voices, and fade-out transitions!
-"Capsule Machine" event now indicates that it costs 5 coins to operate before selecting an option.

EDIT (v2.2)
-Item Bag purchase no longer causes emulator crash.

EDIT (v2.1)
-Some custom events were 8-byte aligned on the stack to avoid N64 crashes on Everdrive.

EDIT (v2):
-The "outside the carnival grounds" path spaces were altered, notably introducing a Chance Time Space and two new Happening Spaces, the Boo Brothers.

EDIT (v1.1):
-Updated the outcome chances of some events to be more accurate.
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November 27, 2019
Very fun board with lots of interesting custom events!
While I prefer a slightly smaller board, the length was still excellent!
Not to mention the very fun background, I want this Carnival to exist lol
A really fun & charming board with lots of unique ideas!!  ;)

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