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Description: This is a board for the "Create A Mario Party Board Contest #4"!

Welcome to Funky's Roulette, a board with many possible paths and exciting happening events! Of course, your main character for this board is Funky Kong.

The gimmick of this board is the different amount of event spaces that affect the game! There's many kind of events spread across the whole board. A huge credit to Airsola for providing the code of these events, I only changed some minor things in them. Here's a list of the possible events that can happen and what I changed about them:

- Get a random amount of coins! Some spaces might give you only a max of 10, while others might even give you up to 20! I only filled in the parameters and changed the text box to something more "Funky Kong" style.
- Everyone but you gets coins! The amount is not shown in-game, but it's always 7. Again, I only changed the text box for this one.
- Trivia Quiz! You'll get a question about Funky Kong trivia and if you get it right you'll earn coins but if you get it wrong, you'll lose coins! There's multiple Trivia Spaces with different coin amounts. I changed all the questions in this event to Funky Kong things, but the main code is still made by Airsola.
- Funky Shop! A custom item shop with a lot of items and special prices. There's multiple secret shop spaces. I only changed the prices and text box in this event as well.
- Space Warp! You'll get warped to a different space in your next turn. Big credit to Airsola for providing a debugged version since there were some glitches happening with this event.

Path Layout
Do you prefer to take a safe route? Or do you want to play risky? That's up to you! The board starts fairly calm, with a bank and a couple of event spaces. Then, you'll meet your first branched path. You can either take a longer, safer route with a shop or go for a shorter route, but with lots events that can change the game! After that, a couple of blue and red spaces are there as a break, only to meet an entire turn of events, including chance time and a battle space! Finally, there's many branching paths provided for you. First, you can choose to go down to visit Boo. You can also go right to another item shop and even an extra route where a skeleton key is required. At the end, if you have a key, you can take a big shortcut to the start of the board but watch out, there's chance time spaces! If you don't have a key, you'll go the normal route with just a couple of events.

I'm very much aware that my board does not look aesthetically pleasing. I'm not an artist and I used Paint to draw the path layout and fill in the background. All the pictures you see, like Funky Kong, the roulette, etc are downloaded images with the white backgrounds removed. This will affect my score, but I don't have the patience to take an art class just for this . Maybe next time I'll use a 3D model program.

Well with that being said, I still hope you enjoy my board!
Posted by: FunkyYosh September 16, 2019

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December 02, 2019
This board gets the job done, it works well, you get where you going and it has fun events!
The board is on the short side but I personally enjoy that and it makes for somewhat more hectic games!
Some things could be improved tho with first the background.
Even if you still use paint, it could still use some more scenary! I'd suggest adding more personality to the board.
For once, I'm not sure where we are supposed to be and how it's related to a roulette.
Maybe make the upper right circle shaped like a roulette so the title becomes more relevant and change the rest into a casino with the scenary of one?
Also, adding some more Donkey Kong Country prop would be cool! Maybe add some klaptraps in the dangerous areas for example?
Second, I'd suggest tweaking the space distribution. For example, the first intersection. The rightmost path feels barely worth it, I'd suggest getting rid of some of the right path spaces or adding better spaces there in general.
Also, the circle path behind the upper skeleton gate doesn't seem too rewarding... I guess it's just to farm happening spaces but I'd also suggest adding more incenstive to get there. Maybe more happenings or item spaces?
But it's still a solid boards that works fairly well but with some more work on it, I can see it as a board that people would be more interested to play on!  :P

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