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Description: *This is for the Mario Party Legacy Board Contest 4*
Well I finally made it, and might be the last one to make it. I wanted to make a board that would use the game: Open RCT2.
The character I think who would fit his own park is Baby Bowser, enjoying the demise of all the enemies who have failed his master.
Here is the story:
"Bowser created a park just for Baby Bowser, and you just so happen to be the lucky winner for a free entry!"
Custom Events: (Thanks to Airsola for helping me with them. Such a big help)
Event 1: Custom Item Shop (Bug: Prices are separated at different distances, Player animation for moving continues when passed by space)
This item shop is behind a Skeleton Key Door, holding the greatest merch and collectibles from Baby Bowsers Biggest Fan!
Items Include:
Poison Mushroom $5
Bowser Phone $10
Bowser Suit $20
Barter Box $30
Koopa Kard and Lucky Charm $50
Wacky Watch $100
Event 2: Get Random Event
A koopa is working on the carousel, complaining about too many items on the ride, proceeding to give you one.
Event 3: Triva Quiz
A Question is asked, You win, 50 coins! You lose, 50 coins!
Fun Fact: The board was actually suppose to have animations, but then I realized MP3 doesn't use animations. So I just decided to go with the custom events. I may later down the line port this to MP2.
I hope you enjoy my board!!!
Posted by: Poisonclaw64 August 26, 2019, 07:16:07 PM

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December 01, 2019, 04:35:02 PM
Cool idea, the board works pretty well but is sadly pretty boring..
It also needs more clarification with the arrows and bifurcations. It's hard to navigate on it sometimes!
And I wish it was more likely to fall on those fun custom events!

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