Baby Bowser's Amusement Park

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Description: *This is for the Mario Party Legacy Board Contest 4*
Well I finally made it, and might be the last one to make it. I wanted to make a board that would use the game: Open RCT2.
The character I think who would fit his own park is Baby Bowser, enjoying the demise of all the enemies who have failed his master.
Here is the story:
"Bowser created a park just for Baby Bowser, and you just so happen to be the lucky winner for a free entry!"
Custom Events: (Thanks to Airsola for helping me with them. Such a big help)
Event 1: Custom Item Shop (Bug: Prices are separated at different distances, Player animation for moving continues when passed by space)
This item shop is behind a Skeleton Key Door, holding the greatest merch and collectibles from Baby Bowsers Biggest Fan!
Items Include:
Poison Mushroom $5
Bowser Phone $10
Bowser Suit $20
Barter Box $30
Koopa Kard and Lucky Charm $50
Wacky Watch $100
Event 2: Get Random Event
A koopa is working on the carousel, complaining about too many items on the ride, proceeding to give you one.
Event 3: Triva Quiz
A Question is asked, You win, 50 coins! You lose, 50 coins!
Fun Fact: The board was actually suppose to have animations, but then I realized MP3 doesn't use animations. So I just decided to go with the custom events. I may later down the line port this to MP2.
I hope you enjoy my board!!!
Posted by: Poisonclaw64 August 26, 2019

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December 01, 2019
Cool idea, the board works pretty well but is sadly pretty boring..
It also needs more clarification with the arrows and bifurcations. It's hard to navigate on it sometimes!
And I wish it was more likely to fall on those fun custom events!

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