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Description: After countless months of polishing my former entry to the 4th Mario Party Legacy board contest, I proudly present to you, Piranha Plant's Pipe Wonderland! Or Pipe Wonderland for short. (Formerly known as Piranha Plant Pipeline) Based on Piranha Plants and also Pipe Land from SMB3!

Read Before Playing
As you may have noticed, there's two different versions of the board available.
The Chocolate version is the full package with a brand new bonus star, the Warp Star.
This bonus star is awarded to the player who takes the most warp pipes during gameplay.
It also includes an exclusive Last 5 Turns event for last place to make the homestretch more exciting!
The Vanilla version is for players who want to play the board in a more simplified manner without those bonus events.
Both versions are playable on Everdrive, just put EverdriveCompability to TRUE for every happening space before playing.
Both versions come equipped with rules pop-up before the first turn. If you want to turn it off, just put ActivateRules to FALSE.
The board also comes with a custom music patch, use xdelta UI on your rom before adding this board unto it for an original composition!
Also, there's a known error of the board rarely corrupting if you save then reload your save so be careful.

Now, into the rules of the board itself!!

Central Gimmick
This board has a fresh gimmick to the series, Warp pipes!
Warp pipes are connected in pairs of a blue pipe and a yellow pipe.
If a blue pipe takes you to a yellow pipe, then that same yellow pipe takes you to that same blue pipe.
The whole strategy is to remember which pipe leads to which.
Not only are they the only way (without skeleton keys) to go to the other side, but also one yellow pipe leads to a dangerous island!
Please note that if you take a warp pipe in reverse, you will exit the warp pipe from the front and keep going forward.

Naval Piranha
However, if you want to ruin someone's warping plan, go pay Naval Piranha a visit on the center of the map!
For the little price of 10 coins, you can shuffle around the pipe connections!
This will randomly change which pipe leads to which so use that at your advantage!

The Piranha Quintet
But that isn't the only trick those plants got up their sleeves...
Every turn, a different variety of Piranha Plants show up from the orange pipes.
Land on an happening space to trigger them and they will do their part... or make a little mistake, especially if you're in the lead.
They appear in the following order until the end of the game:
- Naval Buds: Like their boss, they swap the pipe connections but for free instead. They also love to nag and sometimes will reveal one of your bonus star leads...
- Spiny Piranha: Those plants don't like company, they will wack you to the other side of the board... Or straight to the danger zone!
- Fire Piranha: Don't freeze or one of your items will be mistaken as a target and burned off your inventory... Or it can miss, that can happens too...
- Proto Piranha: That monster loves to soil people. If it targets you, you'll only be able roll 3 or lower next turn, and sometimes even be forced to walk backwards too!!
- Nipper Plant: They start a rain of nipper spores that will take 5 coins of your opponents, although sometimes it can start a 5 coins rain instead!

More in-depth info about each events:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

And that's all from me, hope you enjoy this board!! This took WAY too long to make and you can see the board's progression and changes during the development process in the last board pic!

Special Thanks:
- My sister for the amazing work on the different backgrounds!
- Airsola for being able to make Pipe Wonderland a reality with her priceless feedback and amazing teaching skills about MIPS.
- Shadic64 for teaching me how to compose custom music for Mario Party 3.
- MarioComix, Rain and the Mario Party Legacy Discord for being helpful whenever I got stuck.
- Tumble, Nazzax and the Mario Party Netplay Discord for all your helpful feedback and beta-testing of this very board.
It wouldn't be possible without all of you! Thank you so much for making this new verison a reality!

Posted by: Spongyoshi June 27, 2020

Rating: **** by 1 members.
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