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Description: Music Park goes to Version 3! Balancing fixes & new events are what makes this new version so much better!!

The goal of this board is, like any Mario Kart racetrack, to do as many laps as possible! All the stars spawns behind the finish line so you'll have to do as much loops as you can do get to the Superstardom!

The board is heavily based of the original racetrack from Mario Kart 7 although it uses MP2's different layers to make the Bouncing Notes & Piranha Plants move to the beat among some other touches here and there!

Happening spaces are fully working and you can take the Tambourine path to take a shortcut that directly leads you to the Battle Space to the other side although you must pay 10 coins to use it!

AI doesn't work properly on this board and item balance is shaken up by the linear nature of the board (like Warp Blocks are very OP now) but everything works well and I recommend it if you like other linear boards in the series!
Posted by: Spongyoshi October 09, 2018, 10:50:20 AM

Rating: ***** by 2 members.

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