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Description: "Welcome all, Grunty's the name, and you are here to play my game! This final test will see me win, when you all fail then I'll be thin! Somewhere soon along the way, your lack of skill will make my day! So step on over to the square, download this to try it if you dare!"

This board (with a few adjustments) turns Grunty's Furnace Fun into a fully playable MP3 board! The spaces and objects on the board follow a similar pattern to what you'd normally expect from a MP3 board, and I did my best in making sure I had some good space placements that allows for player to be strategic about which path they take in the many junctions that this board contains. Even if you're not a fan of Banjo Kazooie or know anything about it, I assure you that the board play experience I'm trying to provide is the very best and encourage everyone to try it out regardless.

All of the Happening Spaces on this board are fully functional, as well as the Board Event located at the top of the board.
  • The Cauldron Happening Spaces work just like they would in Banjo Kazooie; they teleport the player to the space that has the other cauldron of the same color! (NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, I could not figure out how to show that the player warped during their turn, so what you'll see is the character landing on the space, and you'll hear the Warp Block sound. Once the next player's turn starts, you'll already be in the Happening Space that you should be warping to. This means that board play is not influenced by this issue. This bug will be addressed in a future patch.
  • The other 3 Happening Spaces around the board are the Grunty Quiz Happenings. These will either award the player with 5 coins, or take 7 of their coins away. (As if the player answered a Trivia Question right or wrong) Do you need those 5 extra coins? Try your luck and see!
  • The Board Event is Grunty's Warp. If you elect to go towards Grunty, she will take 10 of the player's coins and then teleport them to the Start, from where they will continue whatever roll they had left when they initiated the warp. If the player does not have at least 10 coins, Grunty will not warp the player, and instead, they will carry on the board as usual. (NOTE: There's a bug that occurs on the junction when coming down from Grunty's Warp after not having enough coins to warp where you may have to select your path twice and you could infinitely go up to Grunty while not having enough coins to warp. This is because PP64 creates invisible spaces if there's any chains in the board that only have 1 space. The bug also happens when the player comes down from the Board Event in reverse after not having enough coins to warp, but it does not affect gameplay at all, because all you have to do is avoid Grunty if you see you don't have enough coins. And while you could infinitely loop this and make other players uncomfortable, you could also just not play your turn and achieve the same result, so while the bug is a bit weird, it doesn't affect board play. This bug will be addressed in a future patch.
Other known bugs/glitches: If a player walks in reverse and lands on a space that connects a merge of 2 paths, and then they go in reverse again, the game will teleport the player back to Start at the start of their roll, where they will continue whatever roll they got. This is a game-influencing glitch that does affect gameplay, but the circumstances for this glitch happening are so specific that I do not believe players will be running into this glitch often at all unless they specifically try to trigger it. I suspect the reason this happens is because of the way PP64 handles board chains and spaces, and I did report the bug to PP64's developer and they're looking into it.

v1.1 Update Notes:
  • Aligned spaces properly.
  • Board select image updated.
I will strive to greatly improve this board both on the visual aspect (which I am aware needs a lot of work), and the board play experience, so I encourage everyone who plays my board to voice their feedback in the comments, or message me personally here (you may find me on the MPN Discord as well). I will review and consider feedback that I can consider constructive criticism. I'm especially interested in hearing how players feel about the board play experience, detailed explanations will be much appreciated. Also, as an amateur in image editing, I may also accept ideas and/or help in regards to the board's aesthetics. Reporting bugs and glitches is also appreciated, as I'd like my board to be as close to a normal board as possible.

Credits (The Discord users who helped me, I couldn't have done this without them):
  • Sly (Board Play Balance)
  • Light Elementa (Board Play Balance and Aesthetics)
  • gamemasterplc (Board Event Coding)
  • Celerizer (Board Event Coding)
  • PartyPlanner64 (Board Event Coding)
also give my board a good star rating pls k thnx
Posted by: Airsola™ May 07, 2020

Rating: **** by 1 members.
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