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Description: New update: Almost nothing changed except that now ALL happening spaces have a corresponding event so look forward for the Game Guy Giveaway!!

Welcome to Game Guy's Casino, a complete reboot of an older board of mine called "Game Guy's Saloon"! The host here is Game Guy and he's happy to welcome you in his own Casino!

The main gimmick of the board is to farm coins before getting to the Star Zone where you can buy as many stars as you can afford! However, you must pay 5 coins per loop on the board! Game Guy has a business to keep after all!

On the main path, you'll see tokens. Land on their space to have an event happen in front of your eyes! (besides for the green token where you have to pay 5 coins) The red one lets you buy an item and the purple one lets you steal coins or a star! The most important one is the yellow one however! It's where all the coins gathered by Game Guy are located! If you fall on it, you'll gain the jackpot but you will also have to gamble all your money to Game Guy! It's double or nothing here!

However, if you wanna turn the game upside-down, take the alternate route to the Wheel Zone at the center! You can farm happening, gets items or start different events that can either help you to make a comeback or help your opponents so it's up to you to take it or not! Also, you can take a shortcut there to the Star Zone if you have a Skeleton Key so they are not useless!  ;)

I recommend it for fans of boards like Faire Square or DK's Stone Statue. Be careful however, the AI is very bad at this and you'll have to take control of them if they are stuck in the Star Zone. I couldn't really fix it sadly but It's not too troublesome anyway!
Posted by: Spongyoshi October 09, 2018, 01:23:56 PM

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